Club Ready

The world of mixing and mastering is notoriously filled with myths and over-complication. In this course, we will remove the jargon, strip things back, and teach you how to get that professional club-ready sound.

On this 3-month course, you will learn how to mix and master your own music to Toolroom standard, giving you the perfect finish to your tracks.

We’ll cover all the key elements that you need to understand as a mix engineer.  Creating space and depth in your mixes, understanding how to control EQ process, working with compression, plus a wide variety of top-level mix & master techniques.

But uniquely, this course isn’t just a clinical look at the process. Utilising our deep knowledge of our genre, we’ll show you a creative perspective on mixing, ensuring you understand how controlling the right sounds, in the right style and vibe all play a role in achieving the perfect sound in House, Tech House and Techno.

Club Ready is not a passive learning experience. You’ll log-in to live and interactive weekly lessons with course tutor Ben Remember, complete intensive assignments and get granular feedback on your projects.

You’ll work with case studies supplied by Toolroom, featuring real-world problems for you fix, alongside working on your own music.

  • Learn in Ableton
  • Get FREE access to Fabfilter plugins during the course
  • Live & interactive online lessons
  • 12 week programme
  • Complete challenging assignments
  • Get weekly feedback
  • Approved by the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM)
  • Enjoy membership of the Toolroom Academy Alumni Group after graduating.


A unique curriculum giving you practical and digestible knowledge of mixing and mastering.

  • Week One
    Welcome To Mixing (Track Deconstruction)

    Week 1 is all about mindset; Mixing is very different from making music, understanding this is the key place to start a more in depth approach to mixing. To help understand this we will walk through various mixdowns of different Toolroom releases, from this you will be introduced to everything that we will cover in more detail throughout the course. Ben Remember will help you understand not only what a mixdown sounds like but also looks like, whilst getting deeper into some of the more creative parts of mixing. We will finish this first session off with a talk on room acoustics and mixing space where students will be encouraged to participate and ask questions.

  • Week Two
    Setting Up The Mix & Preparing Stems

    Spending time setting up a project correctly is often something that’s overlooked but It’s a vital part of the process – A messy project results in a messy mix! We will discuss the mix vs creative mindset and the importance of a tidy project. We begin by looking at the actual production session, highlighting common mistakes and discuss why it is best to turn most of the mix processing off before we export the stems, from here we load the stems into a fresh project; Whilst this may seem a simple task Ben Remember will highlight common mistakes made and teach techniques to increase confidence at this important stage.

  • Week Three
    Sound Issues, Sound Choice, Sound Mindset

    Now we need to look at our sounds & stems. As a mix engineer, we need to be able to spot problems and understand sound! There isn’t always a trick or plugin that can make a rubbish sound work in a mix so this lesson is focused on sound choice framed into the mix mindset. We’ll be breaking down and analysing ‘problem sounds’ before replacing them. We’ll also be sorting out stem audio issues like clicks, pops and clipping before discussing how they affect a final mixdown. Throughout this lesson students will increase their understanding at the importance of reference material and how to effectively use them whilst mixing.

  • Week Four
    Gain Staging & Balance Tone

    The start of any great mixdown is with volume – one of the most common mistakes on mixdowns are the levels! If this stage isn’t correct the mix can soon become messy and moving forwards can start to feel like guesswork. This session will be a deep look at gain staging and the importance of a balanced mix, we’ll be exploring RMS, Peak, and LUFs as well as thinking about the creative freedoms vs the technical l restrictions. We’ll also be using techniques for controlling perceived loudness and tone.

  • Week Five
    Space & Depth

    Creating space and depth within a mixdown can be the make or break work for a mixdown . In this lesson we will be focusing on the stereo image of our mixdown. There are many aspects that can go wrong here but having a strong grasp of how our instruments can be placed within the stereo field is where we will start to build the best foundation, from here we will then move on to working with reverbs. We will look at every sound in the mix, adding reverb where needed but also looking at mistakes that are often made in this area – One of the fastest ways to ruining a mixdown is by not fully understanding and mastering the use of reverb and panning.

  • Week Six
    Everything you need to know about EQ

    Equalization is probably the most known of all mixing processes but it’s definitely one of the easiest tasks to get wrong, during this session we will look at each channel and cover what we need to EQ whilst considering common mistakes and the best way to avoid them. Working with EQ doesn’t have to be just clinical, there are creative ways we can work with equalization – this lesson is designed to give you confidence to work with EQ in any situation and with any sound.

  • Week Seven
    Compression and Limiting

    Working with Compression can often seem daunting and confusing, this session is aimed to rectify these myths and give a clearer understanding of how compression can help shape a mix. Like we did with EQ, we will look at each channel, looking at how we can shape and control our mix through compression and limiting. Ben Remember will start by giving you a full breakdown of how compressors and Limiters works before discussing the difference between creative and clinical use. We will then use this knowledge to shape and control each channel within our mix.

  • Week Eight
    Grouping & Buss Mixing

    During the course so far our primary focus has been on each individual channel whilst measuring that work against the whole mix, but there is another layer to all of this – Now we will start grouping relevant channels whilst discussing why, where, and when is the correct time to group sounds before adding more processing to create an overall thicker sound. We will need to take everything we have learned so far and re-apply that knowledge in new ways for fresh results. From here we then look at Ableton’s Send & Return function to help bring a mixdown to life. This session will also cover using room mics, Parallel compression channels, and other fun methods to create really exciting mixdowns.

  • Week Nine
    Send & Return EFX

    So far we’ve focused on the individual channels to then working within groups; now we look at routing both of these to another stage of processing. In this lesson, Ben Remember will demonstrate how you can create that extra 10% through using send and return EFX channels – You’ll be learning a whole host of fun and creative techniques whilst understanding why and when to use these techniques within your mix; often within mixing it’s not about utilising every trick you know but more about knowing when to use the best techniques and also sometimes when not to use them, understanding both these reasons will improve your mixing.

  • Week Ten

    Mastering is considered not only one of the most defining parts of achieving that big sound but also one that may be the most difficult for many producers to achieve – Well that doesn’t not have to be true! In this session Ben Remember will break down this huge topic into the key areas that he considers are ‘need to know’. We will spend this session getting deep working with EQs, Saturation, Limiters, and Compressors whilst looking at why firstly a good mix is needed to create a great master – you will learn how to use your new found skills to make sure all of the hard work on the mix sounds huge on any speaker after the mastering process. We will also be diving back into various metering types whilst looking at platform volumes and other detailed analysis of sounds.

  • Week Eleven
    Creative Mixing & Mastering

    During this session we will be venturing into new territory and look into other 3rd party plugins and some of Ben Remember’s own definitive and creative mixing techniques that are more focused on the individual artistic style. Here we will be going back to a fresh unmixed project, enabling Ben to showcase a whole mixdown and master in a much faster and more real-time way with his own stylistic twist on it. This sessions is to demonstrate how artistic & individual we can all be with mixing.

  • Week Twelve
    Getting the Job Done

    This is a final session where Ben Remember will mixdown someone else’s (a client’s) song. Going back over everything we have learned in new ways. There is never 1 rule that fits all with mixing music so once we have learned the techniques we need to study as many mix and master sessions as possible!  So, for our final session, Ben will demonstrate the course techniques on a new song with new problems. This lesson will show you what it’s like to mix and master for a client.

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Debugging the myths

To many, mixing is seen as a mystical thing that producers can’t quite grasp. In a REAL way, we’ll show you how to get to industry-standard sound.  No fake language. No over-complication. Just practical and real-world knowledge.

Clinical vs Creative Mixing

There are hundreds of mixing courses out there. Ours is different. As well as a comprehensive technical course, we’ll go deep into sound choice and style. The end result? Your track stands out in a club system.

Interactive Online Learning

Interact with your expert tutors and fellow students through weekly ‘live’ online classes. Can’t make the time? Log-in after the lesson and watch it back.

Continuous Assessment

The programme has weekly graded assignments that need to be completed to deadline. You’ll receive weekly feedback via a detailed video. You’ll work on real-world case studies supplied by us alongside your own music.

Taught by Experts

  • Ben Remember
    Ben Remember is a key part of the Toolroom artist roster. Known as one of the most creative and technically accomplished producers in the scene, his tracks are instantly recognisable, and he’s been continually championed by Annie Mac on Radio 1 alongside receiving regular DJ support from the likes of Andrea Olivia, Eats Everything and Nick Curly.  But Ben is no overnight success story. Having spent 10 years perfecting his craft before getting his big break, he is well aware of the work new producers must put in before they get recognition – and as such, he is the perfect person to teach the next generation of upcoming artists.
  • Pete Griffiths
    With over ten years service at Toolroom and 20 years’ music industry experience, Pete has played an instrumental role in making Toolroom what is today. Having scouted numerous Beatport top tens and discovered many acclaimed artists, he has an expert voice in identifying hooks, improving arrangement and ensuring tracks are 100% ready for commercial release. Some of the artists Pete A&Rs for include Mark Knight, Weiss, Prok & Fitch and Adrian Hour.

Is this course for me?

I want my music to stand out from the crowd

Nailing your mixdowns can truly separate you from the competition. We’ll show you how to get that true club-ready sound, using the expertise of a world-renowned record label.

I always assume mixing and mastering is too technical

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to demystify this world, which is full of over-complication. We avoid jargon and focus on practical, real-world techniques – that actually work.

I want to stop getting mix engineers to ‘finish’ my tracks

Save yourself money and time by relying on mix engineers. Take a track from empty screen to a truly finished project all by yourself. Own the entire creative process.

I want to understand the mastering process

The fullstop on the creative journey. We’ll cover the essentials of mastering you need to know.

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