Essential Techno: Expansion Pack

This advanced and high value for money production course teaches you how to make blistering techno, using one of Toolroom’s best-selling sample packs.

Get a 100-minute production tutorial from Ben Remember, PLUS the full Toolroom sample pack with your purchase.

You’ll learn some advanced production tips and tricks, using third party plugins, to stamp your own identity into the samples provided.

Watch Ben teach in Ableton; but rest assured, all content covered is applicable to other DAWs.

Get that HUGE Techno sound with the Toolroom Academy.

  • Learn techniques uniquely designed for Techno production
  • Manipulate samples to create your own grooves and ideas
  • Use third party plugins to create attitude, space and depth in your sound
  • Learn to create solid, clean and dynamic mixes
  • Explore the mindset of using samples to create your own music and identity
  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced producers


  • Lesson One
    The Techno Drums

    The sample pack is full of amazing drum sounds, but navigating them can be a minefield. Ben shows you how to go through these sounds, identifying which are best for you as an artist. He shows you how to edit these samples creatively to create new techno grooves.

  • Lesson Two
    Mixing the Drums

    Using a variety of techniques and third party plugins , Ben shows you how to create more tone, identity and shape into your drum sounds, focusing on techniques like distortion, various EQs and compressors, and multi-band saturation.

  • Lesson Three
    Making and Mixing the Bass

    To start with, Ben goes through the different bass sounds, again finding and identifying the sounds that suit the kind of techno you’re looking to make. Ben then uses third party plugins to make the bass sound thicker, more present and enhanced for that Techno sound.

  • Lesson Four
    Making and Mixing the Hooks

    Now the groove is locked down, it’s important to find that signature hook for your Techno track. The sounds in the pack are auditioned by Ben, and you see his process of identifying the killer hook. Again, Ben shows you some of his up-to-date techniques to really push his hook to its full potential.

  • Lesson Five
    A Song Idea

    Ben goes from this four-bar loop, expanding out to a 48 Bar song idea. He covers automation, creating a break down, understanding build ups and the drop. He’ll show you how to utilise the samples to create maximum energy in the right places for this techno track.

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What you’ll learn

How to Produce Techno

This tutorial focuses on getting that huge Techno sound. All the techniques taught are focused around this genre.

Stamping your own Identity on Samples

Your job as a music producer is to create your own identity. Learn how to make samples your own.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

See the third party plugins Ben has found and uses to make his sounds come alive.

Creating and Testing Song Ideas

See Ben build drums, make bass, add synth hooks and create a solid, clean and dynamic mix.

Meet the Tutor

  • Ben Remember
    Ben Remember is a key part of the Toolroom artist roster. Known as one of the most creative and technically accomplished producers in the scene, his tracks are instantly recognisable, and he’s been continually championed by Annie Mac on Radio 1 alongside receiving regular DJ support from the likes of Andrea Olivia, Eats Everything and Nick Curly.  But Ben is no overnight success story. Having spent 10 years perfecting his craft before getting his big break, he is well aware of the work new producers must put in before they get recognition – and as such, he is the perfect person to teach the next generation of upcoming artists.
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This quickfire tutorial will equip you with advanced skills to get creative with samples. Get the production video AND a sample pack for one reasonable price.

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