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Foundation Programme: Course 1

Completely new to electronic music production?
Made a start on Ableton, but getting nowhere fast?

Part 1 of the Toolroom Academy Foundation Programme has been designed to get your production journey started the right way.

Save yourself HOURS on Youtube, or by learning in circles on your own. Get clear, expert guidance from day one, via renowned Toolroom artist Ben Remember.

We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary details, giving you a grounding based on what you need to know to make credible and relevant house/tech house.

This 6 week course will take you from an empty Ableton project through to a finished track. You’ll learn step-by-step: using the same sounds as Ben Remember via the supplied sample pack that has been hand-made by Ben himself. Leave the hours of sample-hunting behind, so you can focus on learning and having fun in Ableton.

The first half of the course is mechanical. You learn how to use Ableton from day one – from set-up and file folders, to loading samples, editing audio, and an introduction to midi.

The second half opens up your creativity. You’ll use the sample pack provided to build a track with Ben, learn how to make it your own, arrange it and add energy, and end with a solid foundation on song arrangement and what it takes to finish a song.

You’ll understand how Ben gets a song started, formulates a song idea and finally how he turns this idea into a full tech house song – all done so you can follow and learn every technique, every step of the way.

Key Features

7 hours video tutorials

Watch Ben Remember’s screen in razor-sharp detail to ensure every detail is clear. Pre-recorded videos, lifetime access.

Assignments over 6 weeks

Watch the videos, then test yourself with our quizzes to ensure everything has sunk in. Complete suggested assignments and put your learning into practice.

Exclusive Sample Pack

Benefit from an exclusive sample pack, hand-made by Ben. Save time sample hunting – use the samples provided to learn and have fun in Ableton.

Access to monthly QnA webinar

Every month we’ll be hosting QnA sessions with Ben for our Foundation Students. It’s your chance to ask questions and get expert answers.


  • Lesson One
    Introduction & Overview

    To make amazing music it is important that we are confident with Ableton. The root of this confidence comes from understanding Ableton, not just how to do cool tricks but how it works. you’ll learn how to set Ableton up through its options and preferences, you’ll get an overview to help you begin to feel comfortable with Ableton’s layout. We will look at how your folders and files can be ordered, as well as our first look at the included Foundation Programme sample pack.

  • Lesson Two
    Ableton’s Views & Editing

    This lesson is a closer look at both the Arrangement and session views within Ableton. we will cover how to load our sample, as well as looking at what those sounds are and what we could use them for. we will also be looking at audio editing features and Ableton’s audio warping feature. We’re still building our Ableton skill set at this stage, we need to be confident in all of these early lessons before we start building our song.

  • Lesson Three
    Midi & Simpler

    Lesson 003 is dedicated to MIDI. You’ll learn what MIDI is, why and where we would use it, how to get creative with editing MIDI before we look at Ableton’s MIDI sampler. Here you’ll become confident with possibly Abletons strongest asset, Simpler. We will also be looking at Ableton’s MIDI effects, where to find them and what they do.

  • Lesson Four
    Making a song idea

    This is where we take everything we have learned and begin to look at how to use our new skills in creative ways. This introduction to song arrangement will show you different ways of thinking about your sounds and getting creative with ideas. Through making our small song idea you will be creating the tools you need to create lots of creative sounds and ideas with Ableton’s audio effects and automation.

  • Lesson Five
    Creating a full song arrangement

    Here you will learn how to arrange a full tech-house record. A deep look at what happens in a record and why it happens. To do this Ben will show you how to make a map by using locators before we start adding all of our sounds. Ben will show you how to create interest throughout every area of your song, with more detail on editing and more automation on Ableton’s audio effect. Finally Ben will show you how to get excitement and energy into your build-ups, drops and transitions.

  • Lesson Six
    A Studio session with Ben Remember

    This is a big one! We go back to a completely empty Ableton project, going back over all the techniques from the previous 5 lessons but in new ways, showing you just how creative you can get with what you’ve learned. Ben makes new ideas, new edits, a whole new song arrangement full of new automation and thoughts around making music sound not only amazing but unique. This lesson feels like you’re sat in the studio with ben, looking over his shoulder as he creates a full song. The only difference here is, Ben will walk and talk you through every creative thought and decision along the way.

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What you’ll learn

How to use Ableton

Become friendly with all those buttons and options! Understand the necessary tools of this DAW to make house/tech house.

What makes up a Tech House record

Understand the constituent sounds of a Tech house track – drums, bass, musical hook, vocal hook.

How to create an idea with sounds

Learn how to manipulate and control Audio and MIDI to create ideas with Ableton.

How to make a track from your idea

Build a finished track with your sounds, adding energy through automation! Gain a clear understanding on how to get song arrangement right.

Meet the Tutor

  • Ben Remember
    Ben Remember is a key part of the Toolroom artist roster. Known as one of the most creative and technically accomplished producers in the scene, his tracks are instantly recognisable, and he’s been continually championed by Annie Mac on Radio 1 alongside receiving regular DJ support from the likes of Andrea Olivia, Eats Everything and Nick Curly.  But Ben is no overnight success story. Having spent 10 years perfecting his craft before getting his big break, he is well aware of the work new producers must put in before they get recognition – and as such, he is the perfect person to teach the next generation of upcoming artists.

Is this course for me?

I want to make house music, but I don’t know where to start

This course will cut through the noise, and save you hours on your own. A great option for ‘day 1’ producers.

I’ve opened up Ableton, but I’m getting nowhere fast

We’ll give you a comprehensive guide to using the DAW, plus you can ask questions via the monthly QnA call.

I can start a track but can’t seem to finish it

Follow Ben’s track and complete your own. Use the sounds provided and complete a full arrangement.

I can finish a track, but don’t understand why it doesn’t sound good

You might need to reset your knowledge and go back to foundations. This course will fill in the gaps.

Join the programme

Build your creative foundations with the Toolroom Academy, on this 6 week programme. Only £199.

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