Illyus & Barrientos Uncut

In a brand new, raw and uncut Toolroom Academy tutorial direct from their studio, Illyus & Barrientos serve up their studio secrets in this exclusive course for FaderPro.

The new Uncut series is a set of unique production courses with a truly behind-the-scenes feel, the Uncut courses let you get inside the DAW of the artists you love. Giving you an exclusive glimpse of their REAL, no frills workflow in the studio.

See tracks get made from scratch, live and unedited. See the secret techniques professional artists employ in their day-to-day work. See the mistakes, creative choices and the happy accidents that lead to the end product of quality House, Tech House and Techno. Uncut series offers an entry level price point for all producers, with 4-hour courses as little as $29. Take a seat in the studio and learn from artists at the top of their game.

Lifetime Access
  • 4 Hours Course Content
  • Platform: Logic Pro
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Learn how to make cutting-edge House and Tech House with our 3 month online Production Certificate taught by Ben Remember & Ben Keen.