From Loops To A Finished Track with D.Ramirez

If you’ve seen his previous 7-hour Tech House masterclass, you’ll know why D.Ramirez is one of the most popular tutors for FaderPro and Toolroom Academy.

In this course he shows you exactly his process for creating a remix using parts from his own track Get Wrecked. Learn how to use Ableton’s unique features to create a template that works for you and helps speed up your track making and remix process.

Included with the course are two pre-made Ableton templates [Ableton Live version 9 and 10] from D.Ramirez to help get you started. Plus, get ready to learn about mixing, master chains, getting grooves, creating sampler instruments, live arrangements using clip view and so much more. It’s another fantastic course taught by one of the most talented and experienced producers in dance music.

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  • 4.5 Hours Course Content
  • Platform: Ableton
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