Shadow Child In The Studio

As a producer and DJ, Simon Neale has already conquered the dance music scene and charts once over under his Dave Spoon guise. Retiring the Dave Spoon name, he launched a fresh sound under the Shadow Child alias, releasing his debut single on Claude Von Stroke’s legendary San Francisco label, Dirtybird in 2012.

Since then, the Shadow Child moniker has grown and grown, producing a consistent stream of huge club tracks, a massively popular Rinse FM radio show, the Food Music label and a critically acclaimed album amongst other achievements.

For the first time, watch how a Shadow child track is created from scratch, Learn the techniques and processes of fusing a modern dance edge with a fun retro aesthetic to create the unique Shadow Child sound. See the decisions, sounds and creative process as they happen with explanations to why and how you can use them in your own productions.

In addition, as a part of this course, you’ll learn tips and production techniques for making and mixing your music, getting Shadow Child’s signature grooves and retro nods to classic dance music styles, while keeping things simple, fresh and ready to rock any modern dance floor.

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