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Expansion Packs

Inside a sample pack, is a puzzle.  Often full of expertly crafted sounds that will help you make great music, not all of the sounds will work for you, and not all of the sounds will work together.

It’s down to YOU as a music producer to figure this out.

In our expansion pack series, Ben Remember takes a sample pack from the Toolroom Academy library, and teaches you his most up-to-date techniques to help you get the most from your samples.

Each of the Expansion Pack courses cover completely new techniques.



Essential Techno: Expansion Pack

Want to make some blistering techno, using Toolroom approved sounds? This course will give you the tools you need.

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Underground House & Tech: Expansion Pack

Make some dirty underground tech house, using our renowned sample pack and take advantage of Ben Remember’s advanced new production techniques.

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These advanced and high value-for-money production course teaches you how to make genre-specific tracks, using one of Toolroom’s best-selling sample packs.

  • Two hour, advanced courses
  • Learn in Ableton, but applicable to others DAWs
  • Watch on-demand
  • Learn from Toolroom artist Ben Remember
  • Use third-party plugins to create attitude, space and depth in your sounds
  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced producers