International Womens Day Demo Feedback

We put a call out asking for female producers to send us their tracks and we’re totally blown away by the amount of submissions we received. We listened to every single demo, after receiving over 55 tracks in total!

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who sent us their music and please, please continue to send us tracks in the future. As promised to the first ten submission, here’s your feedback.


Maxine Garman – Faded

Really liking the vibe of this one; moody, spacial, dusty warehouse groover. Good overall production with some nice drops, great drum fills & pitched rides. Maybe some elements could be brought out a little more in the mix like the subby b line, some of the hits in the breaks and the tense strings in the beginning.

LDN HRLM – I Wanna Be Down

So more of a bootleg thing using Brandy’s vocals, but the strings and plucky baseline are great on this and work really well with the vocals. The structure of this rework shows some great pop sensibilities with a big nod to a classic Garage sound. Really nice – now get working with original vocals!

Julia Luna – Feel

A real solid House entry, with good elements and a structure that indicates you can DJ too, as the flow and energy is solid. The drop may be the only thing that interrupts the flow, and although it’s fairly musical, may be a little too ‘epic’ and may conflict slightly with the groovier feel to the track.

Becka – The Word

Nice deep Techno entry that clearly shows some essential “road-testing” with the V7 in the MP3 title. We cannot stress the importance of this – A & B your productions with the tunes you DJ with is essential and sonically gives you immediate indications where you can correct arrangements and mix downs. Anyway… this is a great deep solid groover with an interesting vocal that sits over the drops. Sounds good.

Nadia Lucy – Finest

Showing some real sophistication with the overall production, drums, good arrangement, solid use of parts and a real soulful baseline, this one pricked up our ears – Sounds great.

Nadia Lucy – Kickin’

Another good entry here, really cool groove and production once again with plenty of clever use of percussion and vocal hits. The sample is from an old House record and works really well but obviously would need clearing before being released otherwise essentially it’s just a bootleg. But a very playable Tech House record, nice work.

Annika Wolfe – Luxor

Liking the sound of this, deep Techno number that you can imagine doing some serious damage at about 6 in the morning! The mix down could be looked at as it certainly needs a bit of brightening up in places, and maybe it’s a little lengthy at over 8 minutes with only a small theme to work with, but on the whole, a cool track with some cool / dark twists and turns along the way.

Krystal Roxx – Freak It

Really like this. Production is solid, the groove and bass line are tough and funky which is just how we like them here at Toolroom. The vocal cuts are wicked and add some interesting layers to the track alongside some quirky perc hits. Arrangement is great too, plenty going on without being cluttered although the only thing to note is maybe the 2 drops that drop back into just a kick and bass line, the energy maybe drops off a little too much but still, an awesome entry this one!

8Kays – F17

Liking this, cool rolling techno number with a Moroder-esque sounding bassline that wouldn’t sound out of place on one of our Rhythm Distrikt comps. Dark, rumbling beats and some wicked synth layers make for a big room Proggy Techno tune. Arrangement is great and I love the anticipation pause at the end of the build up, works really well. Super cool this.

Zita – #6

Some cool idea’s in here, that trippy synth layer would sound great on a big system with those pitched FX. The bottom end may be lacking a little on this one though, could really do with that bass and low end frequencies coming though much stronger in the mix.

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