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UK House

Toolroom Academy return with another club focused sample pack, this time with ‘UK House’.

Containing a profound collection of digital and analog sounds designed specifically for those looking to build a deeper progressive sound, at the cutting edge of 2018’s underground dance music scene.

‘UK House’ provides a stronghold of tools to help you create unique and inspiring productions.

Ranging between skippy garage beats, raw jacked out house, commercial dance and smooth deep house.

Users will find an array of jazz-infused hits, old school chords, punchy bass loops and complex drum loops nodding to the past and the future.

Samples can be easily mixed and matched to create full-bodied arrangements, perfect for both beginners and professional engineers.

In detail, producers will find 33 basslines, 35 Synth / Music leads, 150 individual single hits including; claps, hats, kicks, percs, rims and snares and 8 FX loops.

Further to this is a massive 240 individual drum loops ranging between top loops, full instrumental beats, synth loops, percussion loops and so on. ‘UK House’ boasts an impressive total of 453 files with 27 Midi files thrown in for good measure.

323.9MB of Content
453 x WAV 48 kHz, 24-bit
Make it happen

Learn how to make cutting-edge House and Tech House with our 3 month online Production Certificate taught by Ben Remember & Ben Keen.