Redux Saints

Why did you apply to the Toolroom Academy Masterclass programme? What was it about the course (and the brand) that appealed?

I applied to the Toolroom Academy in Los Angeles to improve my overall production skills and learn proper tech house production techniques.

Another goal I had with Toolroom Academy was to develop a go to market strategy for my DJ/Production moniker Redux Saints and Deep Tech Los Angeles (DTLA) brand I was developing. Of course, I was hoping to connect to and become part of the Toolroom family and be considered as a potential artist for them in the future.

How did the programme start for you – what did you learn over the first few weeks?

The programme stated with a discussion of where I was with my music production, accomplishments, and goals. The first week we executed a social media and brand identify assessment to determine how to develop the identity for Redux Saints. We also discussed realistic goals for the programme.

What was it like working with Matrix Studios?

Working with Matrix studios was a great experience. I visited their many studios and learned many new techniques to help move my production to next level.

How useful did you find the A&R sessions with Pete Griffiths?

It was extremely useful to receive weekly feedback for adjustments to my ideas and tracks. Not many schools allow you access to professional feedback from someone who has worked with so many talented acts in the industry.

Pete was also able to introduce me to Ben Remember who produced a remix of my Once Upon A Country track while at the Academy.

It was so valuable to me that I extended my program to work with Pete to continue to improve my understanding of methods to make tracks unique and favorable.

What did you learn from the marketing and business mentoring sessions?

The Marketing business and mentoring was my favourite part of the program. I worked directly with the director of marketing to develop my two brands and create their corresponding social media schedules,

Through the director we also organized two trips to Toolroom HQ in UK to work face to face with their team.

Did you feel you were pushed hard during your time with the Academy? Talk us through your weekly timetable and amount of work you put in.

Yes. I felt the program was structured to make sure I made progress each week.

There were three scheduled meeting times each week.
2 hours discussing marketing and business
2 hours of A/R covering feedback and suggested adjustments to tracks
2 hours of production training and track adjustments

I accomplished many things during the program and spent several hours each week working on all three sections of the program above.

How many tracks did you end up making during your time with us?

I walked in with 3 produced tracks looking to incorporate the Toolroom drums into the tracks which was later on known as my DTLA EP.

I then produced 7 tracks in parallel with the program.

Talk is through your DTLA project. How has the Toolroom Academy helped you?

Toolroom Academy was essential to rolling out Deep Tech Los Angeles Brand. Very similar to my artist Redux Saints, we executed a social media and brand identify assessment to determine the attributes for the brand.

This helped me shape my vision for consumers to identify with the brand. Toolroom helped develop the logo for DTLA and advise a photographer to capture photos supporting the idea of the brand.

Next, I was in the process of developing Krafted DTLA Volume 1 compilation. Toolroom created the artwork for the album and advised on the scenes for the video of the interviewing the producers who were involved in the compilation (Can be found on

Then, I was assisted in creating the website. Finally, I was advised on how to structure my DTLA Radio show in a format that is similar to Mark Knight’s show.

I rolled out all of Deep Tech Los Angeles’ components in the most professional manner possible and it was all due to my advisement from Toolroom Academy.

What success have you had since ‘DTLA Vol 1’ was released?

  • Successful Release party at Sunday Sanctuary in Hollywood. It was packed to capacity.
  • 4 Top 50 Categories on Beatport
  • Deep Tech Los Angeles hit #1 on Minimal/Deep Tech album charts on Beatport
  • Deep Tech Los Angeles hit #10 on Progressive House album charts on Beatport
  • Deep Tech Los Angeles hit #26 on Tech House album charts on Beatport
  • Deep Tech Los Angeles hit #27 on Techno album charts on Beatport
  • Tracks were premiered on 6AM, Music is 4 Lovers
  • Video premiere on Magnetic Magazine
  • Multiple DTLA events scheduled for 2018
  • DTLA Volume 2 scheduled for March release with 20+ track and 10+ new producers.

What are your plans as an artist now that the course has finished?

My plans are to continue to grow the Redux Saints and DTLA brands nationally and globally by continuing to produce tracks and be involved in events. Primary goal is to turn my passion of music into my full-time career

How do you think the Toolroom Academy compares to other educational providers in dance music?

I’ve been to a few schools and felt this was the right course for me at the right time. I was very impressed that Toolroom Academy is about execution rather than theory which you don’t see at all the other schools in LA area. Also, you become part of the Toolroom family that will continue to support you past your graduation.

What does the Toolroom Academy mean to you?

Toolroom Academy was a once in a life time opportunity for me that allowed me to work and access the best resources in the industry. I look at Toolroom Academy as the stepping stone to opening the door to my music career wide open.

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