5 VST Plugins We Can’t Live Without

Figuring out which VST plugins to purchase isn’t an easy challenge in 2018 – with so many free and premium products on the market, how on earth are you supposed to know where to start? Fortunately for yourselves, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider are the best plugins, that will hopefully narrow down your options so you know which are best suited to your requirements.


If you produce dance music of any flavour, it’s more than likely that you will have heard of this somewhat omnipresent synthesiser. Billing itself as ‘the ultimate synth for bass and leads’, it near on does exactly that and it’s power and usability stretches far further. Its simple model has defined modern bass synthesis and it should be at the top of any synthesists shopping list in 2018.


Serum is the very first in the series of synthesis tools provided by Xfer Records and it is without doubt an incredibly powerful LFO tool – with the simple aim to be ‘the dream synth’. Even for the non-experienced sound designer, the interface is so user-friendly that you can near on figure it all out without the need to look at the manual.

With transforming oscillation tools, durable unison modes and a built in wavetable editor, it’s undeniable that this jam packed synthesiser produces some outstanding audio effects with a sonic range that cant be compromised.


Sylenth lakes the lead when it comes to generating synths, bass’s, pads, arpeggios and soundscapes that cover a wide range of musical styles. If you’re looking for a convincing synth that produces near identical sounding analogue sounds, Sylenth1 will give you what you need. Very few soft synths have stood up to the sound quality of that of a hardware synth, but this very, very nearly does.

Nexus 2

Sampled instruments sound way better than virtual analogue ones you might say. Not in this case! If you’re a producer looking for a warm dense production sound, then this is the VST you’re after. The amount that its infamous sound library has exerted on modern dance music is almost unfathomable. An indispensible VST addition to your rack.


Razor by Native Instruments is a ground-breaking additive synthesiser that delivers powerful sound and cutting edge sound control. With amazing sonic capabilities and an incredibly easy modulation system that creates matchless waveforms and filter shapes. Fun, easy to use and a powerhouse of a synthesiser that you must check out.

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