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Music Education


The aim of the Toolroom Academy is to break down the barrier that exists between new talent and record labels.

We believe that our programmes are the most cutting-edge in the world of House, Tech House and Techno.

From on-demand production tutorials, to interactive online programmes, through to offering the word’s first record label-based degree, we are committed to innovating music education.

Additionally, we offer a range of high quality production tools to enhance and aid your creativity, as well as regular online and face-to-face education events around the world.

With the Toolroom Academy, we wanted to create as many opportunities for new artists as possible.


And our success speaks for itself. Our students have seen signings to the biggest labels in underground electronic music, achieved flagship radio plays and garnered international DJ appearances.

Diversity is a big part of what we do. Our We Are Listening platform supports female and non-binary artists, and has already seen huge success.

Community is everything to us, and we believe new artists should have the opportunity to support each other. All previous students automatically join our Alumni group, where we offer continuous support and tuition each and every month.

Mark Knight: ‘I’m often asked secret of my success over the years. And I can honestly say there’s no magic formula, or anything different about me than any other aspiring artist. It all boils down to your commitment – if you really want something enough, you will do whatever it takes to get there.’

Your creative journey starts here.


We apply the same standards to the Academy as we do to our record label. Our tutors are world-leading producers. Our programmes are devised by our senior music team. Our production tools are considered to be the best quality in the game.


We are only concerned with teaching the sound we love. Our programmes are based exclusively around House, Tech House and Techno – and nothing else.


The Toolroom Academy is not a conveyor belt of students. We are not chasing sales targets. We provide education for a small number of highly focused and driven new artists.


We want to create an environment where you can find your creative potential. We want to create lasting connections and friendships between students and the Toolroom Academy team. Above all we are open, honest and approachable.