About Us

The Toolroom Academy exists to offer new artists the best quality education in House, Tech House and Techno. 

We offer a suite of educational programmes, services and events around the world – breaking down the barrier that often exists between new talent and record labels.

As one of the leading independent labels in dance music, we believe there is no one better placed to understand what an artist needs to push on to the next level.

Our Values


We apply the same standards to the Academy as we do to our record label. Our tutors are world-leading producers. Our programmes are devised by our senior music team. Our production tools are considered to be the best quality in the game.


We are only concerned with teaching the sound we love. Our programmes are based exclusively around House, Tech House and Techno – and nothing else.


The Toolroom Academy is not a conveyor belt of students. We are not chasing sales targets. We provide education for a small number of highly focused and driven new artists.


We want to create an environment where you can find your creative potential. We want to create lasting connections and friendships between students and the Toolroom Academy team. Above all we are open, honest and approachable.