Inside Toolroom Academy’s House Music Production Course

Today, we’re taking you inside the Toolroom Academy to give you an in-depth look at what happens in a modern-day House Music production course.

Have you ever, or do you currently want to take a class on how to make house music? If you answered ‘yes’, to this question, then you’re in the right place. For the past three years, House music heavyweight Mark Knight has been hard at work behind the scenes on a project that’s a bit different than what you know him for. Alongside the famed Toolroom A&R team, he’s boiled down 30+ years of production knowledge into what we believe to be the best available options for learning how to make the music we know and love: House. Today, we’re taking you inside the Toolroom Academy to give you an in-depth look at what happens in a modern-day House Music production course.


Real Artists, Real Education: What The Typical House Music Production Course Is Missing

When taking a course on virtually anything, you’d be smart to do a bit of a deep dive on the people who are teaching you. Thinking back to primary school, I’m sure we can all think of a few teachers in our lifetime who were, let’s say, not so ‘qualified’.

After all, if you’re paying someone to show you how to do something, they’d better be qualified to do so. Right?


You would think this would be the case with most House music production courses. Sadly, it would appear that very few music production programs are being taught by real, industry veterans. What’s more, there are virtually no courses out there that are being taught by actively touring, career artists.

Except, of course, for ours.

Don’t you think you should be mentored by artists who are actually living the life of, well, an artist?

We think you should.

Luckily, Toolroom has access to world-class talent. We’re proud that the label has been at the forefront of House, Tech House, and Techno for over 15 years now. Teaching allows some of our best artists to branch their careers out in a different direction, so they can pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

Every tutor in each of the courses we offer has to be an accomplished artist in and of themselves. But, they also must be an approachable, friendly individual who has a natural inclination towards helping you succeed. We take great care in choosing our tutors – we truly leave room only for the best talent.

In fact, we’re proud to say that our house music production courses are taught some of today’s biggest artists.

Who’s Teaching You?

Take Ben Remember for example. When he’s not tutoring students for our 12 Week Production Certificate Course, he’s in the studio writing Beatport Top 10’s!

Or dance music veteran, Ben Keen of the mighty Tuff London who has joined the ranks of the Toolroom Academy. A highly celebrated artist who has countlessly proven his genius past and present.

Both Ben Remember and Ben Keen will be teaching their respective Ableton / Logic courses for this January’s Production Certificate.

And this is exactly what our aim was when we began Toolroom Academy. Real artists, and real education.

Where else can you have such an opportunity to learn from such a talented bunch? Normally, you have to be extraordinarily well connected to even get in the room with an artist of Ben’s caliber. Lucky for you, with Toolroom Academy, someone like Ben is just a click away during the course of our House music production course.

On the flip side, you have someone like D.Ramirez. While Dean’s touring schedule may have toned down in the past few years, he’s quite possibly one of the most accomplished House music producers to have ever lived. A Grammy-nominated maestro who sports an Ivor Novello award, an appearance on Top of the Pops, and the blessings of Mark Knight as being “one of the best music producers on earth”, it’s genuinely hard to find someone better than Dean

Dean’s infectious energy in the studio is unmatched. A producer, composer, and sound engineer all in one, Dean is truly a hot commodity in the world of music.


House, Tech House, and Techno: And Nothing Else

That’s right. If you want to learn how to make Dubstep look elsewhere.

Hang on…

How could a music production school turn away a potential ‘customer’?!

Go ahead. Be outraged. There’s a method to our madness.

This is where we differ, and precisely what sets Toolroom Academy apart.

We don’t have customers. We have students.

We’re not selling a product. We’re teaching a craft.

Sorry, but if it’s not our music, we’re not touching it.

Here’s an apt analogy to try on for size.

Let’s say you’re looking to take a cooking class because you just absolutely have to learn how to make sushi.

Who can blame you? Sushi is delicious. It’s fun. But, it’s incredibly difficult to make and can take years to perfect, just like House music. Naturally, you’re going to seek out instruction in your culinary endeavours.

You sign up for a course, and much to your surprise, you’re one of the only ones who wants to learn to make sushi. Everyone else wants to learn to make pizza, Indian food, and whatever else. Use your imagination here.

Now, how much do you think you’re going to learn about making sushi in a class like this?

Probably not that much. If you’re lucky, you’ll gloss over it for a day or two before moving on to something else.

Trying to learn to make House music in a room full of EDM producers is like trying to learn to make sushi in a room full of people making curries. To put it simply: it’s not happening.

While you might come out with something acceptably decent you will likely be lacking in direction. It won’t be authentic. At best, you’ll be an imitator. At worst? Let’s not go there.

The fact is, some modern music production programs are exactly like this.

Specialisation: The Missing Ingredient of House Music Production Courses

Many courses consist of a whole swath of producers who want to learn to make every genre under the sun, all crammed together in one room trying to make sense of things.

While your heart may be in House, Tech House, or Techno, your classmates might want to learn to make DnB, EDM, or even Hip Hop. How is that going to work?

As such, the senior music team here at Toolroom has designed a House music production course that teaches you the principles of House, Tech House, and Techno and nothing else. If you’re looking to make anything that’s not within these three genres, we’re sadly going to suggest you to look elsewhere.

This is a good thing. We’re only interested in teaching what we know, and doing what we love. This intense focus lets us get hyper-specific, down to every last detail when it comes to perfecting your compositions, fixing your weak points, and hopefully, setting you up for success.

Instead of obsessing over which compressor is best, we’ll show you how to make the most of Ableton’s stock plugins. While everyone else argues over theory, we’re busy making music. While other producers bicker, you’re doubling down on churning out tunes.

And what could be better than that?

The truth is, it pays to have a crystal clear vision of what type of music you wish to make in today’s world. Like many things in life, it pays to be decisive in the music business, and we’re here to help.

Plus, our courses are designed so everyone can find time to fit one into their busy schedule.


Online or In-Person: Which Is Right For You?

Music producers come in in all coloUrs, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. We understand that there’s no one stereotype of a music producer. That’s why we’ve designed a course that can be done in person, or wherever you may be in the world.

We’ve not only taught students based in the UK, but also in the USA, Spain Italy, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Australia and so forth. The list goes on.

Let’s have a look at what a typical day looks like for a Toolroom Academy student.

A Day In The Life: What Our House Music Production Course Looks Like

Toolroom Academy is offered both online and in-person.

Our online modules offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to fit in the instruction you need into your daily schedule, no matter your circumstances.

Each week, students are joined by none other than Ben Remember or Ben Keen (depending on if you are an Ableton or Logic user), and Toolroom senior A+R Pete Griffiths to learn production techniques that are vital to making modern House music.

Lessons are typically between 2-4 hours. Best of all, lessons are taught in a way that lets you see (and hear) everything that’s going on in your tutor’s DAW while being able to communicate via voice and chat. In all of our years of working in this business, this is the closest thing we’ve ever seen to actually being in the room with someone whilst making a track.

Students can chime in on what they’re seeing, and are free to ask as many questions ask hey see fit. They can truly immerse themselves in the session of a genuine musical master. After a few hours of instruction, students are sent on their way to spend the week applying what was learned.

The following week, students turn in their assignment for review by both instructors and A+R alike. This way, students have their process carefully improved each week. Nurturing talent is something we take great pride in.

In 12 weeks, every student studying with us will create a track that is as close to industry standard as possible. Not only do you walk away with an immense amount of knowledge that you won’t get anywhere else, but you will have something to show for your work: an original track that’s all yours.

Some, however, want to take their education a step further.

Our in-person Masterclass Program offers a vastly different approach for those who are serious about their music careers.

Instead of logging in to our website, you get to actually join none other than D.Ramirez at his East London studio once a week, as well as receive regular A+R feedback from the team at Toolroom Records, live and direct at our Maidstone HQ.

Who knows. Mark even pops in during A+R feedback sessions every so often.

It’s his office, after all.

Imagine taking the tube to Hackney Wick, spending the day grafting away on tunes with one of the best music producers on earth. Now, imagine taking the train down to Maidstone, sitting in the very same office that Toolroom’s seminal hits have come through, and working with a team of specialists to craft your own, unique sound.

That, my friends, is what Toolroom Academy all about.

But, don’t take it from us. The success of our students speaks louder than we ever could.


Case Study – Student Success: Husko & Tenova

Some students, such as Maltese producer Husko, have gone on to have their work signed to world-leading record labels. It was not more than 3 months after graduating from our Production Certificate program that he landed releases on CUFF, Glasgow Underground, and of course, Toolroom. After finishing up at Toolroom Academy, he quickly became a favourite in the sets of none other than Dennis Sulta, and even Mark Knight himself.

On the flip side, we have the example of Tenova, another alumnus of the Toolroom Academy music production course who went on to sign three tracks to his target labels just after finishing the course with us. He came in having but a few small releases and left with tracks on Stashed, Incorrect Music, and Toolroom’s Amsterdam 2017 compilation. Tenova’s tracks went on to be championed by Claptone, Gorgon City, and Roger Sanchez.

This is the power of real artists and real education. These two will be the first to admit that without Toolroom Academy, they may have never unlocked the missing ingredient that was separating them from success.

The only question is, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

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