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Student Success Stories: Jacq

First up, can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Jay Quilty aka Jacq and I’m a DJ/Producer from Liverpool

How long have you been producing?

I’ve been producing music for about 6 years

Who are your biggest inspirations musically?

Wow where do I start with inspirations of my music? There’s so many based on my experiences I’ve had as a DJ and partying over the years.

My first influences in music came from Prodigy’s Experience album and I can remember my first vinyl record being ‘Everybody In The Place’. I’ve always been drawn to the classic house scene with uplifting; piano breakdowns, big vocals – Back then every track became an anthem of its day and these are sounds I still reference and use now when I’m producing.


After the piano style House, came the massive Trance and Progressive House sounds and with having the world-renowned Cream on my doorstep, it was a huge injection of incentive with the biggest influences being Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold and Sasha.

My current day inspirations I’d definitely say are CamelPhat and Mark Knight. This is huge for me to be signed to a label that one of my biggest influential artists owns. I’ve been lucky enough to see Toolroom grow into the massive label it is today.

What was the inspiration behind the record, ‘Here In My Heart’?

‘Here In My Heart’ came from me bringing the old and the new together. I wanted to find those old influential sounds from classic House, which had energy but build the arrangement with a modern tough groove in a signature Toolroom style.

You were first noticed by Toolroom when you enrolled on the Masterclass… can you tell us about your experience? What were your highlights?

Getting involved with the Toolroom masterclass was very exciting for me, not only because I recognised Toolroom as an amazing label but because there was nothing else out there offering the full artist support package.

I learnt a lot about myself and what was realistically required to become successful in today’s music scene in a really constructive way. The plan was laid out going forward and I just needed to work hard with the team and go through each step week by week. This is a really detailed course that will excel you to another level and I believe I certainly did just that through the masterclass.

Highlights for me have to be meeting all the Toolroom family. The people involved in the label are another level and I don’t think people realise this really is a family – Everyone was so friendly and nice to me when I was anxious initially going to work with them. They all made me feel like part of Toolroom especially Miles, Pete and the main man for me being Dean.

You really enjoyed working with D’Ramirez, how did he inspire you?

Dean is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I don’t think I ever realised how much of an impact D’Ramirez would have on my life.

His attention to detail and committed attitude to my success was unlimited from him and I honestly don’t think I’d be half the artist I am today without working with him. He’s so positive in everything he does and his knowledge is just endless, he gets you from the word go and just knows how to get the most out of you. I can’t give enough praise to the man.

After spending a lot of time with him I realised he’s addicted to Golden Wonder crisps but I’m happy to say my relationship grew so well with Dean I’d call him a great friend and we still work together on my music.


What’s the best piece of advice you could give budding producers looking to get their first release?

My advice would be just keep trying and never give up.

Keep focused on why you started this journey in the first place. Just keep plugging the tracks to the labels.

Most of all just be happy and keep being creative.

How often are you working on new material?

I’m always putting time in to the studio but keep a balance with life too. I try to get at least 3 days per week studio time leaving me an equal time to do other things. You have to spend your time making music relaxed with an understanding and plan of what you want to achieve. Otherwise you end up doing it everyday under achieving and becoming stressed which loses all creativity.

What’s next in the life of Jacq?

There’s lots going on for Jacq, many doors have opened,

After this release I’m working on a follow up for Toolroom. I’ve recently started a promotion in Liverpool called ‘In The Box’. After working with Toolroom I wanted to bring the same ethos to my hometown and develop a night for up and coming artists with a House, Tech House, Techno vibe.

Find out more about our Toolroom Academy Masterclass here, or register your interest below, and we will be in touch.