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Toolroom will now be accepting demos via LabelRadar

We are joining the LabelRadar family for all things demo submissions...

We are happy to announce that here at Toolroom, we will now be accepting demos for the main label and Trax through LabelRadar.

We understand how important it is as a producer to get your music heard. There is nothing worse than sending a demo to a label and receiving no response, leaving you in the dark about what’s going on with it. Therefore, we are introducing a clearer process of how you can send us your demos.

The LabelRadar platform offers some great features. You’ll be able to get real time notifications on the status of your demo; you’ll be informed on when it’s been listened to and notified if we’re interested.

You also have complete control of the first impression we get. You can select a 20 second clip from your track that you think best represents the record and will best grab the A&R’s attention.


We are promising to respond to every submission we receive through this platform, no matter the outcome, helping to develop relationships between you as the artist and us as the label!

If you’re sitting on the next big club anthem and think it fits the sound of Toolroom – send it to us

We look forward to hearing your music.