Trademark Series: Siege

You have created a brand-new sample pack for us ‘Toolroom Trademark Series – Siege’, can you tell us a little bit about the process behind that?

I’ve been thinking of doing a sample pack for some time now and have had a few people showing interest. When Toolroom asked me to do this, I knew they were the right partner for me. I often get asked about certain kicks or claps, so for starters I took some samples from my own records, on top of that I’ve created some sounds exclusively for this pack.


Which DAW did you use to create the samples and why?

I’ve been using Ableton Live for years now for all my production work. I love it and I know it inside out – that’s why I’ve used it to create this library.

How did you get into music production? Are you self-taught, did you go to school, learn from a mentor?

I’ve always been drawn to music. Once I got into electronic music it felt natural to learn to DJ. After a few years DJ’ing, I realised it wasn’t enough, so I was determined to make my own music. I bought loads of Future Music magazines – they came with production info and ‘in the studio with’ videos. At that time there were also forums to assemble more info.


How is your studio currently setup? Are you mostly in-the-box, do you use any outboard gear? Any equipment, which is really essential to what you do?

At the moment I work completely in the box. I use a Mac mini with Ableton Live. I have a simple midi keyboard with some knobs and a NI Maschine Jam. I’m building a new studio and hope to get some nice hardware synths in there because they’re so much fun to play with!

Tell us about your new record “Conciousness” that’s out now on Toolroom Trax?

I had written this record a while ago but we felt it needed a vocal. Cevin Fisher was feeling it and recorded this amazing vocal for it. By that time I thought the vocal was actually better than the record so I went back in and re-wrote the track.


How often are you working on new music?

I’d say every week for at least 2 days unless I’m on holiday haha.

What is your workflow typically like when you get in the studio? Do you sit down with the intention of writing a specific type of track, or do you just play around and see what happens?

I used to get down to the studio 5 days a week, sit down and try to make music. Nowadays I tend to spend less days in the studio but being more effective. I don’t tend to force myself in doing studio work because that doesn’t work for me. It feels like I’m stacking up ideas in my head when I’m not in the studio so when I do get in, the music just flows. Spending less time in the studio actually increased my output.


What is the secret to be being able to work in the studio all day? Lots of coffee?

There’s no real secret TBH – just love what you do and do what you love. When I’m really into a new track I get sucked into it and I don’t need anything else to keep going.

What are you currently working on and what other things can people expect from you this year?

I’ve got loads of new stuff coming up! First up there’s an EP on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records in September. In October I have a remix coming out on Circus + a special project on Toolroom which is already being played by Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Camelphat, Mark Knight and Yousef. For November there’s an EP scheduled on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label.

Siege’s brand new Trademark Series sample pack is out now on Beatport Sounds & Splice!