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Remix Masterclass

Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive programme on the art of the remix in electronic music production. Remixing is a vital, and profitable, part of a House music artist’s career. This programme is the perfect investment to master this invaluable skill.
Do you want a career in music?

The Remix Masterclass is the world’s most comprehensive programme on the art of the remix in electronic music production.

Over ten weeks, you’ll master advanced remixing techniques, learn how to work to record label remix briefs, and get the skills to remix any track into any genre.

Every week, your lessons will be sent to you to watch in your own time, and your assignment will also be revealed. You’ll then log-into a live weekly A&R session with your fellow students, playing your work to the tutors and to the group. With only ten hand-selected students per class, you’ll form new creative connections with likeminded House music artists.

Over the course of the programme, you’ll be remixing a track within your own sound, finishing the course with a completed track – and one student per class will win a release on Toolroom.

You’ll also get the chance to create your own bootleg and learn strategies on how to maximise it for promotional gain.

Remixing is a vital, and profitable, part of a House music artist’s career. This programme is the perfect investment to master this invaluable skill.

  • The world’s most complete + innovative remix course
  • Learn in Ableton
  • Combination of on-demand and interactive learning
  • Weekly A&R feedback
  • Taught by Toolroom artist D.Ramirez
  • Enjoy membership of Toolroom Academy Alumni Group after graduating
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All students will be given the parts from a track, taken from the new D.Ramirez album under his RAZE.D moniker. You will then learn how to manipulate these parts into a choice of three sub genres; House, Tech House, and Techno.
  • Lesson 1
    The Philosophy of the Remix & Drums Pt 1
    Remix artists serve both as custodians of the original work and creative innovators, and remixes are entrenched in dance music culture. Module one starts with a cultural deep-dive into the art of the remix, using real-world examples as case studies and inspiration. You’ll then dive into an in-depth lesson on remixing drums within the Tech House style – a genre characterised by a more energetic and driving rhythm. You will be shown various techniques, utilising a combination of both sampling and drum programming, enabling you to create any Tech House drum groove. In this first lesson, you will understand the importance of sound choice and ear training, enabling you to identify and source the necessary drum sounds to create your Tech House drum groove, whilst respecting the original remix material.
  • Lesson 2
    Remixing Drums Pt 2: House and Techno
    This module will focus on creating drums for the second two sub-genres. Taking drum parts outside of the House music genre, and turning them into dancefloor-ready grooves, is a skill you will learn to master. But as with any remix, the artist has the choice of using the original parts, of creating your own. D.Ramirez will show you additional drum programming techniques within the House and Techno genres.
  • Lesson 3
    Remixing Bass
    When you’re remixing a track, the bass parts might not necessarily work as House, Tech House or Techno bass. Perhaps the bassline is downtempo, or too synthetic – here we show you how to manipulate the original basslines and create new ones, specific to our three genres. You’ll use a combination of synthesis using Ableton Wavetable, sampling from various sources, including sample packs, Splice and your own music library.
  • Lesson 4
    Vocal Manipulation
    In this module, you’ll learn how to transform the original source vocals into appropriate use for House, Tech House and Techno. Tech house vocals are typically short phrases, one-word samples, or spoken-word snippets. House tracks can include full, melodic vocals. These vocals may feature lyrical content and are often used as a central element of the track. Techno vocals are often used more sparingly, serving a rhythmic and percussive purpose. Once again you will learn how to remix the original source vocals into the three chosen sub-genres.
  • Lesson 5
    Manipulating melodics from the original source material, as well as writing your own original melodic elements, is a vital part of remixing. You will learn how to develop melodies which fit within your chosen sub-genre – utilising various techniques included synthesis, sampling, and manipulation of original melodic material. Tech House melodies tend to be minimalistic, rhythmic, and focused on creating a driving groove. House melodies tend to be melodic, harmonious, and soulful. Techno tracks are often more focused on rhythm and groove, with melodies here tending to be minimalistic and rhythm-driven.
  • Lesson 6
    Tech House + House Remix Arrangement
    Creating a tech house remix arrangement involves reinterpreting a track in the Tech House style, adding your unique touch while respecting the original. You will have already created your parts in your Tech House style, now it’s time to put this all together into a full arrangement. In this module, you will learn to create a fully arranged remix, along with the automation tricks and ear candy effects that characterise a Tech House track. Remember that a successful tech house remix should maintain a balance between the original track's essence and your own creative interpretation. Tailor the arrangement to suit your style while staying true to the vibe and energy of Tech House music.
Key Features
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    Blended Learning Experience
    Get the benefits of both online learning styles. Watch innovative production tutorials in your own time, then check-in for weekly 'live' online sessions.
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    Remixes in the Real World
    Your learning will be rooted in real-world, record label insight. Understand what labels are looking for when they commission remixes. Learn how to make a bootleg and how to actually use it in your career.
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    House, Tech House & Techno
    The programme focuses on the techniques and skills needed to make House, Tech House and Techno remixes, meaning your learning is hyper-targeted. But you’ll also learn how to remix a track from any genre, including pop.
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    Continuous Assessment
    This programme has weekly graded assignments that need to be completed in order to finish the course. You’ll receive weekly A&R feedback via live online sessions, alongside a small group.
Course Tutor
D. Ramirez
For his entire career, D.Ramirez is a name that has been synonymous with cutting edge and beautifully produced House music. A true genre pioneer within Tech House, he has written underground anthems and crossover tracks, including the legendary tracks ‘Downpipe’ with Mark Knight, ‘Yeah Yeah’ with Bodyrox and more recently ‘Retreat’ on Crosstown Rebels. As a producer and studio engineer, his knowledge and reputation is unparalleled.
Is This Course For Me
  • I get stuck remixing tracks outside of my genre
    Remixing genres outside of House requires an understanding of the philosophy of the remix, and specific production techniques. We’ve got you covered.
  • I’m looking for new revenue streams
    Remixing can be a lucrative source of income for House music artists. This programme is an investment in future revenue opportunities.
  • I need a busier release schedule
    Breaking through as an artist requires momentum via a consistent release schedule. Remixing and bootlegs provide an opportunity to fill your schedule outside of original productions.
  • I’m looking for new creative connections
    Small class sizes and group feedback will mean you form a tight connection with your cohort. Build new friendships and connections by embarking on this course.
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