Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson

Production Certificate

Tell us about your production journey so far – how long have you been producing? What drew you to it in the first place?

I have been producing for a while now, I downloaded my first DAW in 2011 so it’s been around 8 years so. Since I was young I always had a passion for music, especially dance music. In high school I would DJ school events, house parties and social gatherings this led me to want to start learning more about music production.

What made you decide to enrol on the Production Certificate programme?

After producing a range of different genres for a long time, I felt like I was on a plateau and didn’t feel like I was progressing as an artist. I have always loved tech house and I wanted to try something brand new. I have been following Toolroom for a while and when they announced a brand new course that I could do from home online that was a first of its kind I had to jump on.

Week 1 of the course focuses on artist identity and positioning. Did this make you analyse your sound in any way? How would you describe your sound?

It sure did, since the beginning of that week to where I am now I have stayed true to my sound. In a scene and industry where a lot of artists are competing with a similar sound its important to stand out and be different even if it may seem a little weird a long the way. I would say my sound is tribal influenced with touch of jungle flavour in it. I call it Jungle House.

What other modules really stood out to you throughout the 12 weeks?

Arrangement was a great module, It’s easy to get stuck in 8 or 16 bar loop. The guys showed you along the way all the tips and tricks to get you out of that loopitis (when you are stuck on the same loop) and extend that into a fully finished tech house banger.

How did you find the weekly assignment work? Did you find them challenging? Did the structure help? Was it an intense amount of work?

I thought it was great, it had the right amount of challenge. You worked hard on the weekends and submitted your work for it be critiqued on the following week before the next class. I enjoyed all the assignments and speed in which we where moving in.

That constant weekly feedback ensures that all your production knowledge and the foundation that it’s been built on is up to scratch, thus maximising yourself to progress in the best way that you can.

How important was the A&R feedback throughout your journey?

Very crucial I would say probably the most important part of the whole journey. Without critical feedback from the guys at Toolroom it would be hard to grow as an artist. That constant weekly feedback ensures that all your production knowledge and the foundation that it’s been built on is up to scratch, thus maximising yourself to progress in the best way that you can.

How happy were you with the track you made over the course of the 3 months?

Very happy with how it progressed, from the initial 16 bar loop in the beginning couple of weeks to the fully finished record. It’s an amazing feeling to see your record grow over time. On top of that seeing your tutors smiling and bobbing their heads to your record in the A & R feedback makes it all worth it.

What do you think was unique or different about the Production Certificate compared to other programmes/schools out there?

It’s very detailed about the art and science of tech house production. Plus you get real hand experience from artists in the industry. I don’t think other courses provide deep insight from people high in the industry assessing your work all the time. Also, the people you share the course all have a passion for the same music you enjoy.

How would you compare your production ability/knowledge now, compared to when you started the course?

To where I am know to the day I did the first day of course my production knowledge has skyrocketed. I have improved on every facet of music production to a much higher degree. The crew at Toolroom ensures you on your growth if you follow all their techniques and strategies.

Has your ability on your DAW improved since you’ve taken the course?

It sure has, I have been on Ableton for a while but even so I still learnt new techniques and tricks that I could of only discovered through this course.

Did you manage to connect and built relationships with other students on the course?

I sure did, I connected with other students throughout the course, especially when we heard each others record at the very end. One of the students supported my record at his show, we remain good friends sending each other music and production ideas.

You can tell they both worked really hard in wanting to create something special to help new and upcoming artists along the way and it shows.

How would you rate your tutors?

Incredible, Pete and Ben went above and beyond to ensure you achieve the best results from doing the course. You can tell they both worked really hard in wanting to create something special to help new and upcoming artists along the way and it shows. The amount of passion both of them have is inspiring. They went all out to ensure every student had an amazing time throughout the course. They also made sure that everyone had learnt as much as they could to prepare them for the future and to help them make a mark in todays dance music industry.

What was the single best experience you had on the programme?

I would say the A & R feedback with the with all the students, tutors and the Toolroom Music crew. It was such an insightful lesson as all your hard work through out the course had been put on show for everyone to listen to. It was also fun to listen to everyones records and to see how everyone else progressed throughout the course.

Would you recommend the Production Certificate to other producers?

100% best thing I ever did. If you’re feeling stuck as an artist or you are just beginning and want to know everything about house music. This course is the perfect product on the market right now. I don’t know any other course that’s doing what the team at Toolroom are doing right now.

As a graduate, what are your thoughts on the Toolroom Academy overall?

I think its an amazing platform to help upcoming artists achieve all their goals in a fun and effective manner. It keeps growing every day and I do see the academy achieve real global success in the near future and create some superstars in the making.

What is next for you in your creative career?

Right now I’m back in the studio working on new music. The last EP had great international success, and I also visited Ibiza for the first time. The last few months have inspired me more than ever to finish more great records while I’m home and head back to Ibiza for the next season, where I aim to play some new venues and showcase some of my new records.

Production Certificate
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