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Juany Bravo

Juany Bravo

Production Certificate

Tell us about your production journey so far – how long have you been producing? And what drew you to it in the first place?

I’ve been producing for about seven years now. I started DJing before making music, and I knew that if I wanted to take my career to the next level, I had to learn to produce music.

Week 1 of the course focuses on artist identity and positioning. Did this make you analyse your sound in anyway?

Yes, 100%. It helped me really focus on my sound and the vibe I wanted to portray.

What other modules really stood out to you throughout the 12 weeks?

I think the modules on Melodics and Vocals were a complete game changer for me. I learned so many new things that were able to elevate my tracks so much.

How important was the A&R feedback throughout your journey?

I think it’s one of the most important aspects of the course. Hearing what works and what doesn’t work on a track, from people who have so much experience in this field, is really priceless.

I learned so many new things that were able to elevate my tracks so much.

How happy were you with the track you made over the course of the 3 months?

I think it’s one of the best pieces of work I have ever made. Incredibly happy with the final outcome.

What do you think was unique or different about the Production Certificate compared to other programmes/schools out there?

I think the main difference is the relationship that’s built between the students and the label in general. Not only do we get to form a personal relationship with the instructors, but we have a personal relationship with the label team as well.

How would you compare your production ability/knowledge now, compared to when you started the course?

I think the course most definitely took my production knowledge and abilities to a new level, which led me to sign music with some of the top tier labels in the scene.

Has your ability on Logic/Ableton improved since you’ve taken the course?

Yes, for sure. I feel more comfortable with Ableton, and learned tips and tricks I never knew existed.

I think it's one of the best pieces of work I have ever made.

Did you manage to connect and built relationships with other students on the course?

Yes, we still keep contact with our cohort!

How would you rate your tutors?

What was the single best experience you had on the programme?

The final weeks and my track coming together. Also the reaction of the instructors and A&R at the final feedback, once my track was done.

Since taking the course, which labels have you been signed to?

Kittball, Toolroom, Elrow Limited, Get Twisted and Nervous. My latest on Nervous got support from Black Coffee too.

Would you recommend the Production Certificate to other producers?

100%. If you want to take your career to the next level, I highly suggest investing in yourself, and taking this course

As a graduate, what are your thoughts on the Toolroom Academy overall?

I think it’s a top tier learning program that can help any producer, at any level, and take them further in their musical journey

Production Certificate
Our flagship programme. Embark on an intensive 12 week journey, that takes you step-by-step through the essentials of building a credible and relevant track to a professional standard. Enjoy continuous A&R feedback and mentorship throughout the course.
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