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Omran Saffan

Omran Saffan

Production Certificate

“You’ve  just finished the production certificate with us. Can you just tell us a little bit about your production journey so far and how you ended up being drawn to the course in the first place?”

So I’m a person that like always curious about everything. If I want to learn something, I always put in the effort to learn it and then just spend years that to kind of learn it. I have a music background, I’ve played guitar for more than 12 years. The style of rock and metal as a lead guitarist was very technical, and I got drawn into house music and techno, and then I was like, Oh, I want to learn to make this music.

The advice that I would give to everybody, don’t ever get drawn into all these YouTube videos and all these YouTube producers. There’s great materials out there, but it will get you lost more than knowledgeable.

“How Valuable did you find the feedback during the course?”


The feedback, in my opinion, is as important as the class itself, if not more. When the feedback comes, I feel like all my knowledge gets squeezed in.

To anybody reading this, if you’re going to take this class, make sure you sign up not just for the class, for the feedback as well. You’re going to gain a lot, trust me, it’s tons of knowledge. It’s amazing.

Production Certificate
Our flagship programme. Embark on an intensive 12 week journey, that takes you step-by-step through the essentials of building a credible and relevant track to a professional standard. Enjoy continuous A&R feedback and mentorship throughout the course.
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