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Teresa Jane

Teresa Jane

We Are Listening

If you could sum up your day in a couple of lines, what would you say?

Inspirational and eye-opening day which encouraged me to reset and reapply myself to some of the goals I’ve set armed with new information, new support, new friends and some valuable A&R feedback.


Was it what you were expecting? 

In some ways it was what I was expecting as I’ve been to a WAL event before, but I think I had a lot more take-aways from this event than previously – possibly because my production has improved since the last event I attended and so the track feedback and production session was more useful, but also the talks felt very relevant and pitched at a really good level for me. 

Did you enjoy it? 


Are you happy you came? 

I’m delighted I came! 

If we could improve anything what would it be?

I don’t think there’s anything to improve on. The format of the day worked really well. Loved having the A&R session first and getting a feel for everyone’s sound at the start of the day (as well as getting the nerves of having my track listened to out of the way!). There was also a good mixture of talks and production focus. Personally I could have listened to D Ramirez for another few hours of production tips, although I wouldn’t want to cut short the evening of catching up with the girls and jumping on the decks. 

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