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Anna Unusyan

Why did you apply to the Toolroom Academy Masterclass programme? What was it about the course that appealed?

Applying for Toolroom Academy was an instant decision for me as it involves not only production sessions but also an insight to the industry. Unlike other educational music providers, Toolroom Academy covers everything you need to know as a young artist – contracts, labels, revenue streams, marketing and of course production. The most important point for me was also the fact that the course is completely personalised with regards to your needs and wants and what stage are you at, at the moment.

How did the programme start for you – what did you learn over the first couple of sessions?

The start of the programme was all about ideas that were gradually developed during the process.  I believe first couple of sessions were more focused on sources of inspiration as well as rethinking my workflow when it comes to production.

What was it like working with D.Ramirez?

Working with Dean was very easy and a lot of fun.  Dean is a phenomenal producer and it was a great experience to be able to spend that much time in the studio with him.  I really enjoyed these sessions as it was all about tips and tricks Dean has learned over the years that he was happy to share.

How useful did you find the A&R sessions with Pete Griffiths?

I would say that A&R sessions are one of the most valuable parts of the masterclass. These sessions are such a great opportunity to get an in-depth view of what A&R teams are looking for in upcoming artists and also to start thinking about how to make your work stand out.

It was a great pleasure to work with Pete – he is incredibly helpful at putting everything together and helping you to develop as an artist. Pete definitely made me push the boundaries and start thinking about music production from a different perspective.

What did you learn from the marketing and business mentoring sessions?

Marketing and business mentoring helped me to start thinking more seriously about my strategy in terms of becoming an actual artist. Mentoring sessions were filled in with some great examples and valuable feedback. Plus, these sessions really pushed me into thinking more about how to put myself out there and position me as a “brand”.

Did you feel you were pushed hard during your time with the Academy? Talk us through your weekly timetable and amount of work you put in.

I would say I definitely pushed my boundaries in every aspect of it.  I was constantly thinking and working on myself – before, during and after all my sessions. I have definitely put a lot of work into the programme and that felt like a big fun project you just don’t want to stop working on.
With regards to the timetable, I had to combine it with my everyday routine and luckily Toolroom Academy is very flexible and together with the team we created a specific timetable that would suit us all.

How many tracks did you end up making during your time with us?

I made two tracks during the programme.

What are your plans as an artist now that the course has finished?

My plan is to keep developing as an artist, reflect on what I have learned over the programme and of course make more music.

How do you think the Toolroom Academy compares to other educational providers in dance music?

I personally believe that Toolroom Academy is ahead of other educational providers not only because it is an established record label but also the amount of time and work Toolroom team put into their students.  I was surprised to find out how personalised this programme is and how much you can get out of it. On top of this,  Toolroom Academy offers you a real insight into the industry which is difficult to find anywhere else.

What does the Toolroom Academy mean to you?

Toolroom Academy has been a great experience and it was a pleasure to be mentored by the Toolroom team. This course has answered a lot of questions I had prior to starting the programme. In a nutshell, it was an experience to remember and I believe that due to the programme my production and creative skills were taken to a whole new level.

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