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Sarah Miller

Why did you apply to the Toolroom Academy Masterclass programme?  What was it about the course that appealed?

The Toolroom sound always fascinated me. Mark Knight himself is a legend of house music. So when I saw the Academy advert for a new Masterclass programme, which trained people in how to make the Toolroom sound, I didn’t think long.

What was it like working with D.Ramirez?

D.Ramirez is absolute giant in music production. Even observing his work in the studio is a great experience – that alone is inspiring enough to improve the music craft for a beginner like myself. The way he thinks, the way he works, and how organised he is, is an incredible example of how to attain improvement in production. He is a very honest man and shows all secrets he uses himself and for many other artists, he produces for, and very helpful about giving advice and mentorship about the industry generally.

How useful did you find the A&R sessions with Pete Griffiths?

Pete Griffiths feedback was very detailed about every element of the track. His feedback of what works, and whats doesn’t work, was very helpful getting the track to its finished state.

What did you learn from the marketing and business mentoring sessions?

Business and marketing has always been something that I didn’t want to be involved in. However, the Toolroom team presented it in a very easy and understandable way, covering things like publishing rights, contracts, percentage of royalties, and how the money in music actually works. Meeting Stuart Knight was another great part of the masterclass – it was invaluable to hear his experience over the years in the industry, and a great connection to make.

How many tracks did you end up making during your time with us?

I made one track over 4 sessions, which I called ‘Eliza’s Way’.

How did it feel when Eliza’s Way got signed to Eton Messy, and also played by Pete Tong on Radio 1?

I couldn’t believe it when I got a BBC Radio 1 play from Pete Tong on my track. It was a privilege and an encouraging thing to happen. Being signed to Eton Messy with my first track was also an amazing achievement following the course.

What are your plans as an artist now that the course has finished?

Just to keep going! I am planning to produce more, learn more, and push my career forward.

How do you think the Toolroom Academy compares to other educational providers in dance music?

Every music school has a different approach. Toolroom is one of the best for sure.

What does the Toolroom Academy mean to you?

The Toolroom Academy is a great experience which I wish to everyone.

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