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1-1 DJ Tuition

For those who wish to learn on their own –  as opposed to with a small group – our 1-1 DJ Tuition is an excellent option.

Our 1-1 option is entirely flexible depending on what you want to learn – whether it’s a one-day, crash-course in beat-matching, or a more involved, 6 month programme on the latest DJ technology, we can accommodate your needs.

Simply register interest below, and someone at the Toolroom Academy will get back to you to discuss your options.

  • 1-1 Learning
  • Use of facilities at Toolroom HQ to practise throughout course
  • Graduate by a filmed performance in Toolroom Academy Live room
  • Get feedback from Toolroom resident DJs & build connections
  • Each student receives a USB loaded with NEW Toolroom releases
  • Each student receives a free EVERMIX box to record their DJ sets
Take the next step

This quickfire tutorial will equip you with advanced skills to get creative with samples. Get the production video AND a sample pack for one reasonable price.

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