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Creativity Unlocked

Forget your traditional Sound Design or Music Composition courses. This 16 week programme will end your reliance on samples, teach you advanced creative techniques to make your tracks stand apart from the crowd, and appeal to label A&Rs.
Do you want a career in music?

Here at Toolroom we’re always asked two things. What makes a Toolroom track special? How do I get signed to labels like Toolroom?

The answer is quite simple. It’s about standing out from the crowd; pushing your productions further and having that killer ‘hook’. This is what ultimately gets the attention of label A&Rs.

Too many producers finish their tracks without really asking themselves some tough questions. Could my original idea be improved? Are there better, less generic vocals out there? Could I write my own original bassline? Could I create my own unique melodic sounds? Do I really have a ‘hook’?

In Creativity: Unlocked, these are the questions we can answer for you. We teach you a range of creative strategies and advanced production techniques that will make your tracks truly stand out from the crowd.

We look beyond the unnecessarily complicated theories and ideas covered in many traditional Sound Design and Music Composition programmes, and give you practical, achievable techniques that we know work for successful House and Tech House artists.

Take advantage of a truly unique curriculum devised by the Toolroom A&R team. Over 15 weeks, you’ll learn to take control of your tracks, and realize your creative potential. You’ll learn a whole host of new tricks and be tested on how you can implement them – then you’ll start working on your own idea, to be submitted to the Toolroom music team.

  • Learn in Ableton or Logic
  • Learn via live, interactive online production sessions
  • 16 week programme
  • Complete intensive assignments
  • Get regular A&R feedback
  • Get a free copy of Sylenth for the duration of the course
  • Taught by Toolroom artist D.Ramirez
  • Submit your final track to the Toolroom team
  • Enjoy membership of Toolroom Academy Alumni Group after graduating
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A unique curriculum taking you through the essentials of modern House & Tech House production.
  • Lesson 1
    Exploring Creativity & Creating A Drum Groove
    In week one we start by covering techniques that help to improve your creativity and mindset when producing whilst also considering an A&R approach. Lastly we will demonstrate creative methods when building your drum groove whilst focusing on the style and identity of the sounds we are using and the genre we are making. Assignment: Students to create their own drum groove in their chosen course sub-genre which will then receive feedback from the Tutors.
  • Lesson 2
    Writing An Original Bassline Part 1
    Here we look deeper into the art of writing a good bassline, and how choosing the right sound and style can influence the success of the groove. We showcase how to write two different basslines using different techniques across two of the sub-genres. During this session we will also look at the art of synthesis where we will create our own bass sound from scratch using Sylenth, we will also be adding some minimal processing to the bass. For this session we will be focusing on Tech House & House.
  • Lesson 3
    Writing an Original Bassline Part 2
    Here we continue to look deeper into the art of writing a good bassline and how choosing the right sound and style can influence the success of the groove. For this session we will be focusing on Progressive Tech House & Toolroom Trax Techno. As an assignment, students will be asked to write four different basslines using the four different class techniques. Students have 8 days to complete this project.
  • Lesson 4
    Bassline Assignment
    Students will hand in their assignment of writing an original bassline. Tutors will record detailed A&R video feedback, and send back for the following Wednesday.
  • Lesson 5
    Working With Vocals Part 1: Sampling
    During this session we look at various case studies and identify where the vocal hooks originate from and the creative process behind this. We will then add vocal samples to our tracks and create an original hook to suit our sub-genre whilst highlighting where to find them. In this lesson we will be working with spoken word samples demonstrating techniques on how to make these fit into your groove with processing techniques in Ableton alongside using old school acapellas focusing on Toolroom Trax Techno and Progressive Tech House Sub-Genres.
  • Lesson 6
    Working With Vocals Part 2: Sampling
    During this session we look again at various case studies and identify where the vocal hooks originate from. We will then add vocal samples to our tracks and create an original hook to suit our sub-genre. We will be working with sampled vocals from online sources and we will also be working with royalty free sample packs to find something that suits the style and vibe of the chosen sub-genre, demonstrating techniques on how to manipulate them to create something unique alongside making them fit into your groove through processing techniques.
Key Features
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    Interactive online learning
    Interact with your expert tutors and fellow students through weekly ‘live’ online classes. Can’t make the time? Log-in after the lesson and watch it back. Enjoy over 80 hours of practical learning.
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    Theory AND Practice
    In the first section of the course, we’ll test you on the new techniques you’ve learned, to ensure you walk away with new advanced skills. In the second section, you’ll apply this new knowledge to your own music.
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    Continuous Assessment
    Don’t waste your time learning methods you’ll never use. Learn techniques that actually apply to the music you love. We are a boutique music academy, focused on House, Tech House and Techno.
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    Renowned Artists
    Enjoy a curriculum devised and delivered by international DJ / Producer D.Ramirez, alongside senior Toolroom A&R and artist manager Pete Griffiths. Make new connections with the best in the industry.
Course Tutors
D. Ramirez
For his entire career, D.Ramirez is a name that has been synonymous with cutting edge and beautifully produced House music. A true genre pioneer within Tech House, he has written underground anthems and crossover tracks, including the legendary tracks ‘Downpipe’ with Mark Knight, ‘Yeah Yeah’ with Bodyrox and more recently ‘Retreat’ on Crosstown Rebels. As a producer and studio engineer, his knowledge and reputation is unparalleled.
Pete Griffiths
With over ten years service at Toolroom and 20 years’ music industry experience, Pete has played an instrumental role in making Toolroom what is today. Having scouted numerous Beatport top tens and discovered many acclaimed artists, he has an expert voice in identifying hooks, improving arrangement and ensuring tracks are 100% ready for commercial release. Some of the artists Pete A&Rs for include Mark Knight, Weiss, Prok & Fitch and Adrian Hour.
Is This Course For Me
  • I’ve mastered the basics but struggle finding hooks
    So you’re sending tracks to labels, but not hearing back? You won’t progress as an artist if you struggle with developing ideas. This course gives you creative inspiration and insights into finding and creating hooks.
  • I want to get more creative in my sampling
    Modern house music is full of the same old sample pack sounds. Get out of this rut and learn how to be truly innovative in your sampling.
  • I’d like to experiment with writing original music
    Why not be truly original, and write your own unique sounds? Learn all about writing basslines, chords, riffs and stabs plus some musical theory.
  • I want to truly establish my artistic identity as a producer
    We’ll help identify your creative positioning, and give you a totally in-depth understanding of the sound choices and creative decisions you need to get there.


I’ve learnt a huge amount about finishing productions in a more professional, label-ready way.
The proof is seeing all the producers standing out there with quality releases.
There's no other place than the Academy to learn from.
-Stephan Duy
‘I’m so proud to say that after the course, my single was signed to Toolroom Trax.’
-Scott Costello
Mind-blowing techniques which will help you produce music which will stand out from the crowd.
I’ve learnt a huge amount about finishing productions in a more professional, label-ready way.
The proof is seeing all the producers standing out there with quality releases.
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