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Toolroom Mastering Service


Our in-house mastering engineer has over 15 years production experience.

As well as being an in-demand studio engineer and producer, he has built a strong body of work as a sound designer and synth programmer, creating both commissioned sample packs and sound banks and developing his own line of patch banks for several synths. He also has a wide range of production music with publishing partner Focus Music that has been used on countless tv, film and radio productions worldwide, including for the BBC, Nokia, Microsoft, MTV, Vertigo Films and many more.

Artists and labels he masters for include Mark Knight, Rafa Barrios, Mat.Joe, Weiss, Mambo Brothers, CamelPhat, Ben Remember, Illyus & Barrientos, Mendo, Mike Vale, Ramon Tapia, Ramiro Lopez, Ninetoes, Adrian Hour, Amtrac, Mihalis Safras, Chus & Ceballos, Prok & Fitch, Harry Romero, Secondcity, Armada and Anjuna.

Mastering Sample


Our mastering process starts with a thorough listen to the track to identify any potential mix or composition issues. If we identify something we will come back to you with suggestions and feedback, usually along the lines of turning a kick down by a few db or compressing vocals or leads to get them sitting in the mix better, but often more in depth.

Once we have worked with you to get the pre-master right we will run it through our bespoke mastering process.


Please allow up to 5 working days for a master.


Our technical specification for your pre-mastered audio is as follows:

We recommend sending over the audio in the same bitrate and sample rate as your project, so if you’re working in 24 bit and 48khz audio then send your file over in that format, the minimum we recommend is 16 bit and 44 khz.

Please send us a wav and aim for at least -3db peak level with -6db being ideal and finally, please remove any limiters, dithering and stereo enhancement plugins from your stereo output.

If you have a particular reference track that you would like us to use when mastering your track please include that in your message.

Please add the mastering service to your basket, and fill in the information there.

Please be patient after purchase – Our Mastering team will then contact you to get your files.