DJ Masterclass (Online)

The all-new Toolroom Academy DJ Masterclass (Online) course is the first of its kind.

A truly comprehensive, 12 week online course that will take you from the foundations of DJing, right the way through to advanced, technical skills that will elevate both your confidence and creativity on the decks.

Over the course of 85 individual lessons, you’ll follow Devstar from setting up your decks properly, learning to beat match by ear, through to harnessing the power of technology to your creative advantage. By the end of the programme, you’ll be confident with hot cue jamming, using the mixer FX for impact transitions, 3-deck mixing and much more.

This course is designed to equip you with the skills to get gigs and to stand out from the crowd and become a pro performer – someone who does more than just turn up and hit play, you’ll become a DJ who adds value, leaving audiences with an experience to remember. You’ll learn exactly how to approach any DJ environment with confidence, even if for the first time.

Learn from Devstar – renowned as one of the most technically accomplished DJs in the scene today – who has painstakingly created this Masterclass, alongside the Toolroom team, to make the definitive programme in DJ education.

  • Go from a foundational skillset to advanced DJ
  • Learn how to master the industry and club standard, Pioneer CDJs
  • Choose whether to take course over 12 weeks or on-demand
  • Complete regular assignments to test your ability and cement your learning
  • Enjoy over 16 hours of pre-recorded, in-depth lessons
  • Get access to regular live QnA webinars to perfect your understanding
  • Learn from one of the UK’s most technically renowned DJs

Key Features

Online learning

Learn from the comfort of your own home by following 16 hours of pre-recorded video tutorials. Choose whether to take the course on-demand, or gradually over 12 weeks.

Hands on projects

Take what you’ve learned and put it into practise with our suggested assignments after each lesson.

Over 60 Tracks

Learn and practise with exactly the same Toolroom tracks Devstar teaches with. Get over 60 Toolroom tracks with your course purchase.

Technical and creative support

Get access to monthly live online webinars, where you can ask Devstar for help and guidance with your DJing.


  • Lesson One
    Introduction and basic requirements of the DJ

    During the first week we look at the very basics of getting you started on your DJing journey. This includes setting up your equipment correctly, a breakdown of the essential kit – Mixer and CDJs or turntables – as well as the basic fundamental skills of beat matching and phrase mixing.

  • Lesson Two
    EQ and beatmatching fundamentals

    Proper use and understanding of EQ can make or break a seamless blend when DJing. In module 2 we delve into how to balance EQ in the mix, the variant styles of using EQ in the mix, and honing in on how to beat-match by ear with ease, using either CDJs or turntables.

  • Lesson Three
    Alternative transition techniques and looping

    Once you can nail the fundamentals of DJing we’ll begin to focus on alternative transition techniques, touching on simple creative (as well as life saving) techniques using mixer FX, loops and even playing music in reverse!

  • Lesson Four
    Loops for creativity and basic mixer effects

    Digital DJing has ushered in a whole new world of creativity behind the decks and Looping is one of the most useful and under appreciated features of a CDJ. We’ll show you how to use loops to their best ability for both control and creativity in the mix, as well as overcoming common pitfalls, plus we’ll build your understanding and uses of some of the most important mixer FX.

  • Lesson Five
    Organising your music in Rekordbox and mixing in key

    Preparation is key in delivering a dynamic and memorable DJ set in a club environment. Devstar shows you ways to optimise your music using Pioneer’s Rekordbox software. We’ll also go through everything you need to know about mixing in key, showing you how to organise music harmonically and the benefits (and compromises at times) of doing so.

  • Lesson Six
    Hot Cues and Hot Loops

    This is where we really start to dive into the creative opportunities available with Digital DJing – Hot Cues and Hot Loops! You’ll learn to take complete control of your DJ sets, jump around tracks to dictate energy on the dancefloor, re-mix tracks live on the fly and even use the CDJ as an instrument! This module is what every DJ wants to be able to do and is all about transforming your set into a performance that will wow audiences and leave lasting impressions.

  • Lesson 7
    Rekordbox advanced and Beatport LINK

    In this module we show you the advanced features of Rekordbox, transform your mindset to be able to identify “hidden gems” in your music collection and highlights the importance of pre-gig preparation, explaining how this time spent will pay dividends in the club. Devstar also breaks down the barriers to 3 deck mixing and demonstrates its variety of uses.

  • Lesson 8
    3 deck mixing, advanced mixer effects and transitions

    8 weeks into the course and we are now focusing on the more advanced mixer FX techniques that will really develop your inventiveness in transitions and make you stand out front the crowd. We go in to complex and granular detail on how to really make the most of the vast range of features in the DJM mixer series.

  • Lesson 9
    Advanced mixer effects and transitions continued

    For week 9 we continue looking at advanced mixer FX techniques, diving deeper into the use of the Transformer, Roll and Pitch FX, plus how to combine multiple FX at the same time!

  • Lesson 10
    Creating effects using the CDJ and prepping acapellas

    This module is about becoming a Master of the CDJ.  The CDJ is more than just a digital record player its packed with functions and features that enables you to take your DJ mix to the next level. In this Module we’ll cover using the CDJ to create a range of FX and take a look at how to prepare and mix acapellas in your DJ set.

  • Lesson 11
    Mixing with acapellas and getting ready to play at clubs

    Approaching the end of the course we are now equipped with all the fundamental skills to prepare and perform a creative and considered DJ set in a real club environment. We continue to look at acappellas both in scenarios with two or three decks, gig preparation, potential pitfalls to be expected at the club and recording your DJ set for post performance promotion.

  • Lesson 12
    Recording mixes and important soft skills to progress in the music industry

    At the end of the course it’s now time to show the world what you’ve learnt and how you’ve refined your skills as a professional DJ isn’t only a master behind the decks but a pro at self promotion too. Here Devstar will show you how to set up and record video mixes which have landed him gigs and industry attention in the his career.  We’ll also cover next steps and important soft skills for you to progress as a well rounded artist in the music industry.

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What you’ll learn


You’ll learn how to be so comfortable with the critical fundamental skills of DJing that they become intuitive, freeing up essential mental capacity to take your mixing to the creative level and not succumb to the common bad habits that many other DJs fall into.


Your eyes will open up to a whole new world of DJing, not just thinking about what tracks you’ll play but how you’ll play them.  You’ll develop flair and creativity on the decks that other DJs are lacking and grow into an advocate of DJing as its own art form.


We’ll show you how to optimise your music which is an essential ingredient for you to mix with creativity, be spontaneity, flair and get the very best out any situation with confidence.  Mastering Rekordbox, Beatport Link and even personal edits of tracks, you’ll learn how to have multiple options or ways to mix in and out of tracks with ease and conviction.


Most importantly, you’ll learn how to apply a creative mindset to DJing, both in terms of your DJ performances but also, just as importantly, in creating opportunities for yourself in the music industry.  Having a proactive, hungry, explorative, creative, action mindset is key to progress in the music industry.

Meet the Tutor

  • Devstar
    An up-tempo house DJ with a dynamic and imaginative mixing style, Devstar is one of the UK’s most respected technical house DJs. One of only a handful of artists to advocate DJing as its own art form, Devstar makes full use of the equipment with flair and creativity, demonstrated through his coveted video mini mixes which have received recognition from Pioneer DJ, Ibiza Club News, Data Transmission and more.  Devstar’s superb video mini mixes and consistently impressive live performances have rewarded him with performances at some of the best festivals and clubs throughout Europe, including Hideout Festival (Croatia) where he has played for 5 consecutive years; Amnesia, Sankeys and Space (Ibiza); The Warehouse Project, and other events across the UK and Europe.

Is this course for me?

I'm a day one, beginner DJ

We’ve got you covered. We’ll take you step-by-step from setting up your decks, through to mixing confidently. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be able to play sets confidently.

I know the basics, but I'm not pushing myself

New technology means there’s a whole world of creative opportunities out there. Don’t get left behind – learn some advanced DJ techniques to elevate your level of performance.

I want to be DJing regularly

Learn some tips and tricks about how to generate gig opportunities for yourself. Get to the creative standard where you stand out from the crowd.

I want to master Pioneer CDJs

This course is taught on the industry-standard Pioneer CDJs. Get supremely confident and learn to access the most out of the technology at hand.

What Equipment Do I Need?


The DJ course is designed to teach anyone of varying DJ ability – whether you’ve just started on your DJ journey or are 10 years in but need ideas of how to get more from your performances.

This is a concepts based course which means all of the techniques and ideas are transferable to any kit – there may just be a slightly different way of doing it, depending on what hardware (eg. controller, CD players) or software you use. This course is all about equipping you with the mindset and knowledge to take your learning to any setting. It doesn’t matter if you’re using controllers instead of decks and, in fact, controllers are a fantastic place to start your learning at an affordable price but still have near enough the same functionality!

That said, all of the tutorials are taught using Pioneer equipment – this is because the majority of club set ups globally use Pioneer equipment. Even if you’re using different manufacturer products (which is absolutely fine!), controllers or any other equipment, it’s still super important to understand the kit that you will likely be using in a club environment – you need to feel at home every time you play out! This course will cover the Pioneer kit in extreme depth to give you the confidence to play out anywhere, regardless of your home set up.

Amplify your DJ skills

Join the DJ Masterclass and take your DJ career to the next level. Over 16 hours of premium educational content, only £249

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