Dream BIG in 2019!

January is always a time to dream big.

The completely blank slate of 2019 lies ahead of you. What are you going to do differently this year? Maybe you’re determined to get into production for the first time. Perhaps your big ambition is to get signed to your target label? Or potentially, your aim is to get out of the crowd, and behind the DJ booth.

These can be seemingly lofty ideals, but we believe the only real hurdles you face are the ones you place in front of yourselves. Becoming an artist isn’t always a quick process – it can be a tough road, and at times a lonely place.

But to succeed you have to believe in your talent, immerse yourself in electronic music culture and set your own goals. With the right support and guidance, you can achieve anything.

Dream big in 2019, and let the Toolroom Academy help you get to where you want to be.

Make it happen

Learn how to make cutting-edge House and Tech House with our 3 month online Production Certificate taught by Ben Remember & Ben Keen.