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Free Chapter – Essential Mixing + Mastering

Enjoy this FREE chapter from our brand new flagship mixing + mastering programme!

In this free chapter, you’ll learn how to use Ableton’s Limiter as the final part of the mastering chain.

Perceived loudness and controlling the dynamics are a huge parts of mastering, and the Limiter is arguably the final piece to that puzzle.  It’s also the easiest thing to get wrong!

Ben teaches you how to hear when Limiter isn’t working properly, and crucially, what you can do about that.

What’s covered in the course?

By the end of this programme, you’ll feel more confident sending your music to A&Rs.  You’ll be able to get your tracks sounding FAT in the club. And you’ll end your reliance on engineers to finish your tracks.

  • 11.5 hours of on-demand tutorials
  • Lifetime access
  • Join Ben’s monthly mentoring session
  • Learn in Ableton
  • Get project files + samples