How To Use Social Media: 3 Tips For Music Producers

Make no mistake about it: learning about social media is an essential task for virtually every music producer on the scene today. We’re sharing three of our hottest tips with you today on how to do just this.

How To Use Social Media: 3 Essential Tips For New Music Producers

Make no mistake about it: learning about social media is an essential task for virtually every music producer on the scene today. But, between learning production, playing gigs, and networking, many producers skip this task entirely. As an artist who wants to be successful, you must ask yourself one important question…

Do you really know what you’re doing?

Regardless of what kind of music producer you are, learning how to build your social media accounts is an essential skill. Whether you make House, Tech House, Techno, or even EDM, today’s market demands that you stay on top of your online presence.

Lucky for you, we’re sharing three of our hottest tips with you today on how to do just this.

Be sure to read every word of this, as these are typically reserved for only for the best and brightest of our Toolroom Academy students.

Let’s get started!

You, Inc: Artists in The Digital Age

Like it or not, every artist making music today today has also inherited the responsibility of now being known as a “brand.” This isn’t a term that applies to fly trainers, or just the big shots like Mark Knight, either. Today, every music producer is a brand…even you.

Think about it! Every successful music producer is mostly a self-made, self-paid businessperson, with social media playing a critical role. Isn’t this where you want to be?

If you’re reading this, this should come as no surprise. You are likely very serious about having a career in music, and you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Aside from securing quality instruction to master your productions, such as Toolroom Academy’s Online Production Certificate, music producers should be building their social media accounts from day one!

Social Media Early On

We all see our favorite music producers posting on social media about their new Ibiza residency, their new tracks on the hottest of compilations, and of course, the glitz and glamour of DJ life. It’s fun for artists and fans alike. Personally, we love it.

But, we get it.For a new producer like you, this can be intimidating. We get the following question a lot…

“What if I’ve never released a record, and only played a few gigs?”

We are glad you asked! Ask yourself one thing: who you are as a creator?

What inspires you? What should the world know about you?

Take our very own Weiss, for example. When he’s not posting about hitting the BBC R1 daytime rotation, you can find photos of him with his family, his coveted collection of toys, and his collection of classic House vinyl. Looking at Rich’s Instagram is a reflection of who he is as a creative, quirky individual. These are all things that make up not only him as a human, but more importantly as an artist.

This does not mean that music producers should be posting the most personal details about their life on social media. Keep in mind; there is a huge difference between personal social media and artist social media.

Here’s a few ideas you’re welcome to steal from us: have your mates snap a few photos of you working late in the studio. Snap a few pictures at an art exhibition you’ve been dying to see. Even the infamous gym selfie can be cringe-worthy, or authentic…depending on if it’s really “you.”

Above all else: tell the world who you are.

You could make a whole course that covers this type of stuff…and we did. Not only does our 1-1 Production Masterclass course provide you with over 90 hours of studio time with production legend D. Ramirez, but it also covers the ins and outs of effective social media use in full detail. If you want to truly take your career to the next level, this is the best place to start.

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What Platform Is Best For Music Producers?

In the House, Tech House and Techno sphere, Instagram is by far the most important social platform.

Keep in mind; this changes every few years.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where Facebook likes were worth their weight in gold for an artist trying to get booked.

Oh, how times have changed.

At the same time, you should not be neglecting to post on Twitter or using the full potential that is your Facebook artist page, either. At this point in your career, you should be focused on growing all three…with an emphasis on Instagram.

Of course, there will come a time when Instagram falls out of favor as well. As an artist, it is your responsibility to stay in the know on what social media platforms are popular.

Learn About Audio, Not Algorithms!

One question that we receive quite often sounds something like the following…

“How can a new music producer grow their social media accounts without an advertising budget?”

Face, meet palm.

Here’s the short answer: stop worrying about your “advertising budget” if you’re a new artist!

You will cross that bridge when you get there.

That’s not to say that there is not a time and a place for an artist to become conscious about how to get a proper return on investment when investing in social media. We know this so well that we actually teach it in our 1-1 Production Masterclass with our world-class marketing team here at Toolroom HQ.

For new artists: this does not apply. You must first master the basics.

When you’re starting out: learn about audio, not algorithms. Writing a proper belter (as many of our academy students have done), is often the first step in getting noticed in this world.

At Toolroom, we’ve been in the business of making records for over 15 years. Between our talented team of engineers and A+R, Toolroom Academy can give you a crystal clear vision of how to kickstart your career by providing you with the best quality education and resources available today.

Whether you want to just brush up on your production skills, or you want to dive into a bespoke, 360 experience with our 1-1 program, we offer a variety of courses that are sure to suit your needs as an artist. We’re proud to say that no other program that is specifically tailored to House, Tech House and Techno currently exists. Toolroom Academy is truly in a class of its own.

While social media may have forever changed the landscape of our industry, it is still music that matters most.

At Toolroom, we believe that is something that we can all agree on. Let’s get your productions up to snuff!

What are you waiting for? Make it happen.