Tribal Tech House

Musicians have been sampling African and tribal influenced records since the MPC was first invented. Though, over the last 2 years, the modern revival of the tribal djembe flavoured rhythm is becoming evermore present in todays music scene, particularly in house music.

There’s a feeling of counter-culture that’s growing amongst a hodgepodge of artists artists who are pairing rough and ready drums rhythms with organic sampled melodies and native vocal chants. It’s evident that the contrast of production styles is allowing the theme to be more even palatable, prompting a rush of new listeners to gravitate towards this style.

The raw production elements make it seem as if the records are produced in a West African studio in the 70’s with primitive recording equipment – but they aren’t! What you can hear is a track titled ‘Nomad Chat’ from Bristol based producer GotSome, which dropped on Toolroom in November of 2017. He confesses: “In the future I’m hoping to hear more of a percussion-driven sound and just keep everything tribal, you know? I’m really getting bored of straight rhythms and I want to be stimulated musically with the drums.” GotSome, as one of many recent artists that have supplied us with tribal beats, has instrumentally gained momentum since the re-birth of the movement.

Last year, Merseyside-raised rising star Mele, released on Lobster Boy, DFTD and Eats Everything’s Edible imprint, with high-octane tribal sounds and beefed up 4×4 beats, characterised by the house music that is now synonymous in his DJ sets. His track ‘Ambience’ has bellowed in admiration and is just one of the countless records to encompass the percussion heavy, tribal tech sound that credits him as a key player in the rise of the genre.

At Toolroom Academy, we aspire to ride the wave of new innovative sounds and our latest release ‘Tribal Tech House’ immediately nails its tribal flag to the mast. Offering a copious amount of percussive layers, tribal rhythms and organic melodies, this extensive samples collection is a real treasure trove of African and latin inspired sounds – built specifically to reflect the burgeoning dance floors of 2018.

Having a diverse library is crucial and we try our utmost to cover everything that could possibly add character and flavour to your Ableton project. Samples can be easily mixed and matched to create full-bodied arrangements, perfect for both beginners and professional engineers.

Producers will find 100 individual single hits including; bongos, hats, kicks, percs and an array of tribal obscurities. Further to this it offers a range of tops loops, full instrumental beats, synth and percussion loops. These are fully loaded samples that are big, dense and intricately layered, meaning that any producer in any genre would have an absolute blast producing with them. So check it out here and find a huge resource of royalty-free samples that are definitely worth checking out.

We are all about helping artists not only make great music with our sound packs, but to also help you create your original sound using our samples. As always the provided audio material is royalty-free for use in your commercial music projects, but the get the most unique sound of the pack and into your project, why not try something new?