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Academy Challenge

Welcome to a brand new way of learning. Embark on a unique educational experience where you're set weekly production challenges by the Toolroom team. Get weekly A&R feedback and make invaluable new creative connections.
Do you want a career in music?

Academy:Challenge is a ten week programme designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and to widen your ability as a music producer.

In this course, you’ll be set a series of intense and specific creative challenges within different sub-genres of House music. From making intricate minimal deep-tech drums, to writing complex progressive melodies, to learning how to collaborate with a new studio partner on an entirely new track.

Every week, your lessons will be sent to you to watch in your own time, and your challenge will also be revealed. You’ll then log-into a live weekly A&R session with your fellow students, playing your work to the tutors and to the group. With only ten hand-selected students per class, you’ll form new creative connections with likeminded House music artists.

The programme ends on you being paired up with a new production partner, working on a brand new collaboration, and submitting it to the Toolroom A&R team for consideration.

  • Unique learning experience in electronic music
  • Learn in Ableton
  • Combination of on-demand and interactive learning
  • Weekly A&R feedback 
  • Taught by Toolroom artist Ben Remember 
  • Enjoy membership of Toolroom Academy Alumni Group after graduating
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Challenge-based education is a new style of learning, that puts an emphasis on students solving complex, real-world problems.
  • Lesson 1
    The Mysteries of Minimal Deep Tech
    We all know the deep tech sound is the genre of the moment. It’s minimal, sparse and sounds simple – but in fact, it’s hugely elusive to understand as a music producer. For many, the techniques and the intricate rhythms are almost like black magic. You won’t find many tutorials or sample packs that truly help you achieve this sound. Our first challenge takes this head on.
  • Lesson 2
    Capturing the Magic of Deep House
    There’s maybe nothing more recognisable and iconic than the deep house ‘donk’ bassline, which has its roots in the very DNA of house music. But while it’s easy to love, it’s hard to get right. Are you even a certified house music producer if you can’t do it?
  • Lesson 3
    Storytelling in Tech House
    This challenge is all about the story of sounds. So much of great Tech House lies in the hook, but there is a lot more than just a catchy vocal telling a Tech House story. It’s about how every sound communicates and works together to create the magic. This is the ultimate challenge of call and response.
  • Lesson 4
    Unlocking the Hook in Vocals
    Have you ever thought to yourself – there are no good vocals out there? We are going to challenge that mindset. The most successful artists have the ability to hear the hook from the same sample that others couldn’t. How comfortable are you with the vocal hook? Through this challenge, you’re going to find out.
  • Lesson 5
    Can your Melodies move people?
    Composing melodies in music production is something we all struggle with. And for that reason, many aspiring artists avoid truly original melodic moments in their records. This module will open your mind up to the discovery of writing an amazing melodic house melody, complete with all its moving parts, layers, sound design and techniques.
  • Lesson 6
    Breakdown Energy
    We all want to give our audience a moment that delivers the promise of a record. In fact, a breakdown can even be the main reason a DJ plays your track. The practise of making a perfect breakdown is both a science and an art. It requires technical expertise and an emotive understanding of how a dancefloor feels. This challenge isolates this hugely important aspect of house music production.
Key Features
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    Blended Learning
    Get the benefits of both online learning styles. Watch innovative production tutorials in your own time, then check-in for weekly 'live' online sessions.
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    Real World Challenges
    Our weekly challenges cover a broad spectrum of house music, from minimal to melodic. By challenging you in a range of sub-genres, our intention is to break your creative boundaries and get you out of your comfort zone.
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    Continuous Assessment
    This programme has weekly graded assignments that need to be completed in order to finish the course. You’ll receive weekly A&R feedback via live online sessions, alongside a small group.
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    New Creative Connections
    Class sizes are limited to ten artists, with an emphasis on you building new friendships and connections amongst a tight-knit group. Collaborate with a new partner and write a brand new track.
Course Tutor
Ben Remember
Ben Remember is a key part of the Toolroom artist roster. Known as one of the most creative and technically accomplished producers in the scene, his tracks are instantly recognisable, and he’s been continually championed by Annie Mac on Radio 1 alongside receiving regular DJ support from the likes of Andrea Olivia, Eats Everything and Nick Curly. But Ben is no overnight success story. Having spent 10 years perfecting his craft before getting his big break, he is well aware of the work new producers must put in before they get recognition – and as such, he is the perfect person to teach the next generation of upcoming artists.
Is This Course For Me
  • I feel like I'm running out of ideas in my music.
    It's normal to get stuck in a rut. But this course will force you out of this feeling! Our aim is to reinvigorate you creatively, and get you out of your comfort zone.
  • I'd like to learn other sub-genres of House music, but I want to stick to my own sound.
    Learning to make Techno can make you a better Tech House producer. Understanding minimal can uplift your Deep House. A wider understanding of the full spectrum of house music makes you a more complete and original music artist.
  • I'm bored of the same old production courses.
    This course has been designed to be fun and completely different to anything else out there. Every week will be fresh, exciting and a brand new challenge!
  • I'm interested in moving into engineering work.
    This is a great first training step. By learning a wide variety of other sub-genres, and expanding your technical skills, you'll be well placed to make that transition.
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