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BK: Harder House

Ben Keen
8hrs 37mins
Preparation & Background

Delve into the roots and evolution of the popular 'Trick' sound that is dominating the industry - Hard House. Get your workspace ready as BK guides you through the setup and optimisation of Logic Pro. Learn to curate and craft your own collection of unique samples.

Building the Drum Groove

Discover the crucial art of crafting powerful kick drums that drive the heart of your tracks. Dive into the world of percussive elements, from shakers to cowbells, and learn how to infuse your tracks with infectious percussive patterns.

Bassline Production

Master the creation of bold and dynamic synth basses that add depth and drive to your productions, and uncover the power of resampling & percussive bass techniques that blur the line between rhythm and groove.

Crafting Ravey Synths

Craft nostalgic and electrifying 'Trick' rave-inspired synths that harken back to the roots of hard house. Navigate the world of software synths as BK provides insights into selecting and manipulating virtual instruments for your hard house arsenal.

Basic Songwriting & Arrangement

Learn the step-by-step process of remixing a track, putting your own spin on an existing piece. Explore the intricacies of crafting emotive and impactful breakdowns that captivate your audience and build anticipation.

The Full Arrangement

BK guides you through arranging the main sections of your track, ensuring a dynamic and engaging musical journey. Understand the nuances of arranging effective breakdowns that provide the perfect contrast to your energetic segments.

Mixing & Mastering Hard House

Learn the importance of proper gain staging, surgical EQ techniques, saturation and more, to bring your tracks to life. Uncover the subtle yet impactful production tricks that can elevate your track and make it stand out.

Final Playthrough

Hear the culmination of your hard house production journey as BK presents a final playthrough of his track, showcasing all the techniques and skills you've learned.


Hard House is back. Artists such as Patrick Topping and his infamous Label Trick are dominating the scene. You can’t walk into any club, festival or listen to anyones playlists without hearing one of these tracks with energetic and driving beats and uplifting melodies. So why not learn the secrets from a producer who continues to be as big in this scene as he was when Hard House first took over?

Step into the iconic realm of hard house music production with renowned DJ, producer, and mix engineer BK in this totally complete, immersive course. Embark on an in-depth journey as BK guides you through the entire process of crafting the signature 90s hard house sound. From the foundations of Logic setup to the intricacies of resampling synths, percussive bass sampling, and captivating arrangement techniques, BK leaves no stone unturned.

As a legend in the scene, BK’s expertise shines through as he guides you through the art of kick drums, rhythmic hats & claps, and the fusion of percussive elements. Witness the evolution of synth basses and the magic of rave synths, while diving into the realm of sampling synths for a dimension of creativity like no other.

In the heart of the course, BK unveils the secret artistry of incorporating white noise, reverb-soaked claps, crash cymbals, and incidental sounds to amplify the energy and atmosphere of your tracks. Alongside technical insights, BK shares industry secrets drawn from a prolific career, ensuring you’re not just a producer but understand the history and foundations of hard house.

With nearly 9 hours of exclusive content, BK welcomes you into his studio, guiding you step by step. From foundational skills to advanced techniques, BK’s Harder House course propels your production journey to new heights. Embrace the opportunity to refine your sound, experiment with plugins, and learn from a true maestro of the genre. Uncover the magic of hard house, where creativity meets technical finesse, all in the hands of the incomparable BK.

…and much more!

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  1. 1. Preparation & Background
  2. 2. Building the Drum Groove
  3. 3. Bassline Production
  4. 4. Crafting Ravey Synths
  5. 5. Basic Songwriting & Arrangement
  6. 6. The Full Arrangement
  7. 7. Mixing & Mastering Hard House
  8. 8. Final Playthrough
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