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Cassimm: Track from Scratch

2hrs 21mins
Sample Selection

CASSIMM introduces this course by explaining his approach to selecting samples, choosing kicks and making his tracks as he works.


Next up, CASSIMM experiments with some different bass patches and uses Ableton's inbuilt devices to fit his bass in with his sample.

Vocal Chops

In this chapter, watch CASSIMM utilise a vocal chop from a gospel track to add more interest and groove to hiss own production.

Adding Percussion

With the help of some one-shot samples, percussion loops and Ableton's warp modes, CASSIMM takes the rhythm of this track even further.


CASSIMM briefly addresses the legalities of sampling, before sharing how he sources and implements acapellas into his productions.

Arrangement Part 1

CASSIMM begins to arrange his track, adding effects and automating various parameters to achieve the desired flow and energy.

Breakdown Part 1

In this chapter, CASSIMM uses drum variation, automation and isotopes Nectar plugin to create a tension-building breakdown.

Breakdown Part 2

CASSIMM highlights the importance of using what you've got, as he puts the finishing touches on the first breakdown of his track.

Arrangement Part 2

In this chapter, CASSIMM delves deeper into his approach to track arrangement as he moves towards the closing sections of his production.

Arrangement Part 3

Most producers are familiar with listening to sections on loop, as CASSIMM explains while fine tuning his composition's overall structure.

Premaster and Master

CASSIMM gives us an insight into how he creates a pre master of his track, before getting his track to the desired volume and balance.


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In this Track from Scratch course, house music mainstay CASSIMM effortlessly crafts a rhythmic and soulful house track, talking through his entire production process along the way. Within this course, the esteemed house music aficionado shares his hottest mixing techniques, arrangement strategies, sampling tricks and much more.

The course spans nearly two hours, and provides a never-before-seen insight into the makings of one of his club-focused, peak time house tracks. In it, you’ll learn how to chop vocals, write baselines, arrange your tracks and create some of the most high-energy and crowd-pleasing build-ups out there today.

As a highly-qualified and experienced producer, CASSIMM also discusses some of his general production approaches, and reflects upon the artistic and creative mentality he’s employed to get where he is today.

CASSIMM builds his track from scratch in Ableton Live, with a focus on using this popular DAWs native features, something he says keeps his projects simple, and his CPU usage low. For certain tasks though, CASSIMM also uses some third-party software throughout his production process. Synthesis, compression and mixing are all accomplished using third-party plugins, but the techniques demonstrated can be achieved using any DAW, and don’t require the exact plugins used by CASSIMM.

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  1. 1. Sample Selection
  2. 2. Bassline
  3. 3. Vocal Chops
  4. 4. Adding Percussion
  5. 5. Acapellas
  6. 6. Arrangement Part 1
  7. 7. Breakdown Part 1
  8. 8. Breakdown Part 2
  9. 9. Arrangement Part 2
  10. 10. Arrangement Part 3
  11. 11. Premaster and Master
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