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Chaney: Track From Scratch

6hrs 29mins
Maschine + Drums

In this introductory chapter, Chaney demonstrates the basics and advantages of using Native Instruments Machine Software, and integrating this with your DAW. He then shows his techniques for mixing old school and new school influences within his percussion, mixing raw Roland 808s and 909s with modern loops from different sample packs.

Chord Progressions

Chaney is lauded for the musicality of his productions, and in this chapter, he encourages to push yourself creatively. Even without needing a high working level of music theory, he teaches you all about basic chord progressions. Chaney shows how these can lead to sound design, recording bass, guitars and live audio into your interface.

Live Instruments

This section of the course is all about pushing you out of your comfort zone as a House music producer. Chaney has found an edge in the music market by fusing his guitar skills with his electronic productions, and in this chapter he shows you how you don’t need to be Jimi Hendrix in order to do the same! Utilising the very basics of a bass guitar, he demonstrates how to build a unique bassline and record that into your DAW.


Vocals will always be an integral part of a House music track. Chaney explains how different things are needed from vocals, depending on the objective of the production – be it a radio record, or club record. With this tutorial focusing more on the latter, he demonstrates how to hunt for a simple but impactful vocal refrain – and then demonstrates various production techniques to make the most from your vocal gem. This is a masterclass on how to work accapellas to good use.


Now we’ve got the bones of the song – the drums, the grooves, the vocals, the melodic elements – it’s time to start thinking about arrangement. Chaney explains how for club-based records, you need breathing room in order to make maximum impact. He covers automation, adding extra elements like strings, and how to build tension in breakdowns and build-ups.

FX + Details

The structure is now in place, and it’s time to start thinking about peppering the production with drum fills, snare fills, and layering up some of the key musical elements. Chaney dives into using various synthesizers and creating your own FX.


Now that your arrangement is complete, dive deep with Chaney and discover the significance of proper gain staging, precise EQ techniques, saturation, and more to bring your tracks to life. Learn the nuanced yet powerful production methods that can elevate your track and make it stand out.


Here Chaney is going to walk you through his master chain. You’ll learn to get the final steps of perceived loudness just right. Chaney will give you confidence in pushing your tracks to the limits whilst still remaining clean, punchy and wide.


Chaney, aka Theo Altieri, is one of the most exciting talents in UK House music.

Achieving signings to the likes of Toolroom, Skint, Nothing Else Matters, Perfect Havoc, Insomniac, Armada and many more top-tier labels, his reputation amongst the producer community is unparalleled. After achieving multi-million streams in his short career, here at the Toolroom Academy we are excited to be bringing you his first ever production course, shot direct from his basement studio.

Over this 6-hour course, you’ll be mastering the ins and outs of Funky House production, covering every aspect to help you make a floor-filling weapon. You’ll learn all the secret techniques that Chaney uses to get his signature sound. Expect to learn how he takes inspiration from all types of music, be it Disco, Chicago House, Tech House, Jacking House, the lot. He will be teaching you some truly innovative tricks and showing you how to bend the rules and fuse different musical styles.

This isn’t just a simple track breakdown video. A full curriculum has been designed to help you apply the lessons to your own music. We’ll be covering everything from getting an idea going, to finishing a track all the way through and finishing with a club ready master.

This course is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. You’ll learn the details of native instrument machine software, the secrets of writing funky cool progressions, recording live instruments and using hardware synths and drum machines. You will be shown how to turn a simple idea into a fully-fledged club banger.

  1. 1. Maschine + Drums
  2. 2. Chord Progressions
  3. 3. Live Instruments
  4. 4. Vocals
  5. 5. Arrangement
  6. 6. FX + Details
  7. 7. Mixing
  8. 8. Mastering
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