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Ellis Moss: Track from Scratch

Ellis Moss
7hrs 43mins

Toolroom artist Ellis Moss begins the course by providing some background on his career, and explains what you can expect from this programme.

Getting Started

Ellis walks you through building the track’s foundations, uncovering key processes on how to bring a core concept to life inside your DAW.

Base Arrangement

Learn to make a rough track structure as Ellis creates a sketch arrangement and builds upon it, explaining the process along the way.

Adding Drums and Percussion

Ellis Moss continues to build out the track, using processing effects to alter percussion elements and establish the track’s core groove.

Revisiting the Bass

The original bass isn’t working, so Ellis Moss completely reconstructs the low end by blending rumble loops harmoniously with the new drum groove.

Filling Space with Synths

Ellis explores multiple synth samples, modifies them, and uses them to fill in the remaining frequency space within the track.

Finalising the Arrangement

Moss finishes composing the structure of the track, using effects automation and other techniques to make each transition more impactful.

Adding Finishing Touches

Ellis takes you through a final sweep of the track, showing you how to make further changes that some producers might miss.


Ellis emphasizes the importance of using FX to enhance your transitions and teaches you how to make risers and utilize FX samples.


Learn the method of mixing to zero, as Ellis uses a wide range of effects plugins to mix the final track, explaining each step in depth.


DJ, producer, and mixing engineer Ellis Moss is behind the production desk for this tribal techno-inspired Track from Scratch course. Leaving no stone unturned, Moss guides you through the entire process of music production, turning a rough idea into a finished record. Gain insight into his songwriting and ideas generation techniques, the right way to sketch an arrangement in a DAW, how to pull from target reference tracks, drum production, melodic hooks, vocal processing, and much more.

As a full-time professional mixing engineer as well as an in-demand DJ and producer, Ellis Moss is a rising star in the industry who hasn’t cut any corners to get where he is today. His first single went straight into the Beatport Top 10 single and received support from heavyweights like David Guetta, Todd Terry, and Mark Knight. His mixing and ghost-production experience makes him an instructor whose in-depth technical guidance always aims at the dancefloor.

This course is hugely valuable for producers at any stage of their learning journey because of the opportunity to witness the entire creative process laid out in a manner that is distinct to the skill set of a buzzy talent in Ellis Moss. Discover a vast range of mixing and arrangement skills, as well as effects processing techniques like EQ filtering, slight delay layering, and stereo imaging. Additionally, Moss shares key insider industry knowledge alongside all of the technical goodies, making this course an excitingly well-rounded proposition.

Moss also shares his favorite plugins and software, whether he’s delving into Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler or indulging in specialist offerings from Waves, SoundToys, u-He, and others. Explore these tools with him and see what works in the context of the track as it comes together. The DAW that Ellis uses in this course is Studio One, although the processes shown can be carried over seamlessly into all other DAWs.

In total, there are nine chapters in this course, adding up to seven and a half hours of exclusive content. That means direct access to Ellis Moss’ studio and production knowledge, and an educational experience that is guaranteed to make you a better producer than before you started watching. Music production is about figuring out what works for you, but it’s also about learning from the best, and that’s exactly the opportunity you’ll get with this Track from Scratch course!

What you’ll learn:

  • Vocal looping
  • Vocal processing
  • Volume shaping
  • Bassline sampling
  • Arrangement techniques
  • Using automation
  • …and much more!

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    1. 1. Introduction
    2. 2. Getting Started
    3. 3. Base Arrangement
    4. 4. Adding Drums and Percussion
    5. 5. Revisiting the Bass
    6. 6. Filling Space with Synths
    7. 7. Finalising the Arrangement
    8. 8. Adding Finishing Touches
    9. 9. FX
    10. 10. Mixing
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