Foundation Programme: Course 01

Ben Remember
7hrs 33mins
Introduction & Overview

To make amazing music it is important that we are confident with Ableton. You’ll learn how to set Ableton up through its options and preferences, and get an overview to help you begin to feel comfortable with Ableton’s layout.

Ableton’s Views & Editing

This lesson is a closer look at both the Arrangement and session views within Ableton. We will cover how to load our samples, as well as looking at what those sounds are and what we could use them for.

Midi & Simpler

Lesson 003 is dedicated to MIDI. You’ll learn what MIDI is, why and where we would use it, how to get creative with editing MIDI before we look at Ableton’s MIDI sampler.

Making a Song Idea

This is where we take everything we have learned and begin to look at how to use our new skills in creative ways. This introduction to song arrangement will show you different ways of thinking about your sounds and getting creative with ideas.

Creating a Full Song Arrangement

Here you will learn how to arrange a full Tech House record. A deep look at what happens in a record and why it happens. Ben will show you how to create interest throughout every area of your song.

A Studio Session with Ben Remember

This is a big one! We go back to a completely empty Ableton project, going back over all the techniques from the previous 5 lessons but in new ways, showing you just how creative you can get with what you’ve learned.


Completely new to electronic music production?
Made a start on Ableton, but getting nowhere fast?

Part 1 of the Toolroom Academy Foundation Programme has been designed to get your production journey started the right way. Save yourself HOURS on Youtube, or by learning in circles on your own. Get clear, expert guidance from day one, via renowned Toolroom artist Ben Remember.

We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary details, giving you a grounding based on what you need to know to make credible and relevant House/Tech House. This 7-hour on-demand course will take you from an empty Ableton project through to a finished track. You’ll learn step-by-step: using the same sounds as Ben Remember via the supplied sample pack that has been hand-made by Ben himself.

  • 7-hour on-demand course
  • Lifetime access
  • Learn how to use Ableton
  • Understand how to write House/Tech House
  • Includes exclusive Sample Pack
  • Get access to monthly QnA webinar with tutor
  1. 1. Introduction & Overview
  2. 2. Ableton’s Views & Editing
  3. 3. Midi & Simpler
  4. 4. Making a Song Idea
  5. 5. Creating a Full Song Arrangement
  6. 6. A Studio Session with Ben Remember
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