Latin House

7hrs 11mins
What is Latin House?

Crusy delves into the fundamental sound of Latin House, looks at the history of the genre and gives a detailed explanation of what makes it tick. He discusses the relationships between drums and bass, using percussive elements to create the identity of the record, and a brief overview of what to look for in a Latin house arrangement.

The Groove

The drums are the beating heart of every Latin House record, and without the right care and attention, your track will fall flat. Crusy explains the different ways of filling out a drum groove to create something deep, percussive and rolling. Starting with a seed loop, and then building upon that with kick, toms, djembes, cowbells and every other flavour of percussion.

The Bass

The bass is what anchors your track to the dancefloor – and without a solid foundation, the crowd will lose interest. In this chapter Crusy covers two different approaches to making a bassline. One with a subtractive synthesizer, and another using low-end percussion like toms, to create a bouncing groove.


In this chapter, Crusy explores how to gives your track its unique identity, while sticking to the percussive theme of Latin House – using timbales to create a floor-filling, powerful hook that keeps the energy going. He explains the interplay between hook elements and how to use them to your advantage.

The Vocal Hook

Every great Latin House track has a great vocal – sometimes rhythmic, and other times emotive. In this chapter, Crusy demystifies the process of finding a unique vocal, and making it your own, using precise chops, creative delays, and skilful processing. Learn how to take almost any sample, and make it pop.

The Arrangement

One of the hardest parts of songwriting is turning a 4-bar loop into a fully-fledged arrangement. But it doesn’t have to be, if you follow Crusy’s method. Understand the fundamentals of an epic build-up, and the essential rules of every great Latin House track to keep the crowd engaged from start to finish.

Mixing Latin House

Crusy is a renowned mix engineer, who has developed his own unique workflow specific to high-octane dance music. Follow the course as he demystifies one of the most intimating aspects of music production, covering EQ, compression, creative reverbs and delays, colouring and saturating, and even mastering.

‘SELECTA’ Deconstructed

You’ll want to buy this course for this chapter alone. Here, Crusy gives a detailed deconstruction of one of the most seminal Toolroom Trax releases of recent years. Leaving no stone unturned, uncover the secrets of Crusy’s break-out track.

Track From Scratch

You’ve learned the theory of Latin House, now let’s see it in action. Watch Crusy build an entirely new track from scratch, in a single hour, from start to finish. He starts with a blank canvas, and works through every tip and process in his arsenal.

Interview with Mark Knight

Mark Knight has been instrumental in the A&R development of Crusy behind the scenes. In this illuminating interview, Mark and Crusy discuss how his sound has developed, some of the challenges he has overcome, and how he built his initial relationships at Toolroom.


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The Latin House sound is everywhere.  Released on labels like Toolroom, Defected and Circus, the sound of tribal percussion mixed with latin influences has been dominating global dancefloors worldwide.

Toolroom Academy is proud to present the world’s most in-depth production tutorial on the genre, teaching you everything you need to know about Latin House. You’ll learn from Crusy, one of the most dynamic up-and-coming artists of the last 12 months. The man from Bilbao has etched out a unique corner in the Tech House realm; fusing Latin influences with the classic energetic, club-ready Toolroom sound.

Everything is covered, from making fire percussion grooves and deep tribal beats, to rolling basslines, super catchy hooks, and seriously iconic vocals, as well as the secrets of a latin house arrangement. Expect a huge jam-packed course with a specifically designed curriculum to help you master this hugely popular sound.

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  1. 1. What is Latin House?
  2. 2. The Groove
  3. 3. The Bass
  4. 4. Melodics
  5. 5. The Vocal Hook
  6. 6. The Arrangement
  7. 7. Mixing Latin House
  8. 8. ‘SELECTA’ Deconstructed
  9. 9. Track From Scratch
  10. 10. Interview with Mark Knight
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