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Martin Ikin: Secrets of Tech House

Martin Ikin
2hrs 13mins
Gain Staging

The fundamental basis of a professional-sounding mix is strict attention to levels and gain staging. Martin guides you through the core ideas that underly his whole process when approaching Tech House production.

Designing the Perfect Kick

Every great House record depends on a kick that is punchy and impactful, and cuts through the mix to anchor it all down. Martin shows you multiple techniques to craft unique and impressive kickdrums that deliver the punch you’re looking for.

Building the Percussion Groove

Less is sometimes more, and Martin demonstrates that in this chapter. Watch him build an incredibly dynamic and tight percussion groove using minimal elements, but with masterful control and technique.

Fat Analog Bass

Martin finally spills the beans on his iconic and legendary bass sound! Guiding you through all the steps and fundamental theory behind designing bass sounds that truly pack a punch, using both hardware and software counterparts.

Sampling Old School Pads

Ever wonder how producers get that old-school flavour and retro charm in their tracks? Martin shows you multiple sampling techniques that he uses to create unique yet powerful pads and atmospheric elements. And then turns those same sounds into unique rave stabs.

Getting Creative with Synth Parts

In this chapter we explore the legendary Minimoog synthesizer, and Martin shows off some creative and innovative approaches to manipulating and processing synth sounds. This will help you leave your own individual mark on your productions, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Making a Unique Riser

Again turning to the Minimoog, Martin gives a quick oversight on how to design unique synth risers and transitional effects that can’t be downloaded from Splice!

Tech House Vocals

Vocals are an integral element of any chart-topping Tech House record, and they have a distinct style that we explore in this chapter. Martin shows off a plethora of creative techniques including pitching, looping and chopping to craft a varied and catchy hook.

Arrangement and Project Layout

Every Tech House track needs to do three things. Deliver a punch at the main sections; create tension and release; and work in the context of a DJ set. Martin shares his approach to achieving all three, through the use of tasteful arrangement of sections. He also explains his approach to laying out his projects within a DAW.

BONUS Chapter: Interview with Mark Knight

In this bonus chapter, Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight interview Martin about his career to date, including an honest discussion on how to navigate the highs and lows of this industry; how to build relationships with key label targets; and how to ensure you have your own identity as music artist.


Martin Ikin has dominated the sound of Tech House over the past 18 months.

In this production tutorial, Martin outlines the secrets of his production process that have seen such huge success. Watch him build a track from start to finish, understanding how he crafts his unique and hugely popular sound.

Martin has a huge depth of experience in the scene. A DJ/producer since 1991, he has released music under a raft of different aliases, alongside building a career as a renowned studio engineer. A trained jazz pianist, his musicality sets him apart from many Tech House artists, as does his use of analogue synths throughout his music.

In recent times, his releases for the likes of Repopulate Mars, Catch & Release, Ultra, El Row, Sola and Toolroom have truly dominated Beatport. He was the best-selling artist on the platform on 2020, seeing DJ support from A-list artists across the board.

In this course, Martin covers everything from dynamic and tight percussion grooves, through to his iconic and legendary bass sound, to making genre-appropriate vocals in Tech House. You’ll learn insider knowledge and secrets as he builds a track from scratch. The final bonus chapter features an interview with Mark Knight, where Martin discusses his career journey in the scene.

  • 2.5 hour on-demand course
  • Lifetime access
  • Learn in Logic, but applicable to other DAWs
  • Obtain the secrets of chart-topping Tech House production
  • Includes bonus chapter with Mark Knight
  1. 1. Gain Staging
  2. 2. Designing the Perfect Kick
  3. 3. Building the Percussion Groove
  4. 4. Fat Analog Bass
  5. 5. Sampling Old School Pads
  6. 6. Getting Creative with Synth Parts
  7. 7. Making a Unique Riser
  8. 8. Tech House Vocals
  9. 9. Arrangement and Project Layout
  10. 10. BONUS Chapter: Interview with Mark Knight
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