Maxinne: Track from Scratch

4hrs 5mins
Finding the Hook & Vocal Production

Maxinne identifies how she goes about finding the initial inspiration for a track, showing her formula and her approach to constructing a ‘hook’ through vocal production. You’ll watch her construct an effective 8 bar loop, layer different vocals and create atmospheric elements using effects.

The Kick

The kick is the foundation of every good House mix. In this chapter, Maxinne demonstrates how to choose the right kick for your style of music, using Ableton’s in-built Sampler, and how to process a kick effectively. We cover the importance of curating your own unique kick collection to help develop your own sound.

The Bass

Want to make a bassline that delivers punch while grooving well with your kick? In this chapter, Maxinne covers different bass production techniques, including sample manipulation and bass processing, and dives into the differences between using synths and samples.

Building the Percussion Groove

Now we’ve got a good foundation for our low-end, we move onto building percussion. We explore layering percussion elements to fit your vibe, while maintaining space in the mix, using reverbs and delays to create movement. Maxinne also covers sample selection and the differences between using MIDI tracks and audio tracks.


Now the groove is rock solid, it’s time to add some musical elements to give the track its identity and unique flavour. Maxinne explores using a vocoder to make a lush pad sound, and demonstrates how she automates the synth paramaters to create a journey throughout the arrangement.

Transitional Arrangement

Want to know what makes a great track? Great transitions. It’s now time to break away from the dreaded 8-bar loop phase, drop the energy down using breakdowns, and then build the tension back up to a climax, by automating multiple elements, introducing unique sounds and using percussion to build energy.

Finishing the Arrangement

Having now nailed the breakdown and the drop, Maxinne begins turning her focus to the beginning and end of the arrangement, gradually transforming the track from a simple drum beat into a full stack of elements. You’ll see how she ensures the finished track is DJ friendly and ready for club play.


It’s every DJ’s job to keep the crowd engaged and focused on the music, and FX and automation are the most effective way of doing this. To unlock the secrets of a great production, watch Maxinne automate FX, use filtering and spot FX, tweak unique percussion patterns and manipulate vocals to create hypnotic soundscapes.

Preparation for Mastering

No project is completed until it’s had its final layer of polish applied by a mastering engineer. But to keep your engineer happy, you need to follow some universal guidelines. Maxinne walks us through all the final steps she takes to ensure the finished product is as good as it can be, such as master buss processing, final EQ adjustments and levelling.

BONUS Chapter: Career Development and A&R

Maxinne is joined by Toolroom A&R and Academy mentor Pete Griffiths, as they discuss her journey as a breakthrough artist in the scene. You’ll learn about her tips for social media and networking, and how she build relationships with leading labels. Pete analyses Maxinne’s sound from an A&R perspective, giving a label’s perspective on why her sound has been so captivating.


Maxinne is one of the most exciting new artists in electronic music, and a key member of the #ToolroomFamily.

In her debut production tutorial, she invites you into her creative vision, showing you exactly how she builds a track from scratch.

In her short career so far, Maxinne has made a huge impact with her music. After being handpicked by label boss Mark Knight from Toolroom’s We Are Listening initiative, she has achieved signings with Saved, Knee Deep in Sound and Toolroom, and supported the likes of Hot Since 82, Annie Mac and Eats Everything.  Her debut album ‘Red Alert’ is a journey of her moods and influences, showcasing the melodic and driving Tech House sound.

In this course, you’ll watch her build a track from scratch. From finding the hook and vocal production, through to building percussion, writing her basslines, pads and onto FX, arrangement and preparation for mastering, this is a comprehensive tutorial of Maxinne’s trademark sound.

Enjoy a bonus career development and A&R conversation between Maxinne and Toolroom A&R Pete Griffiths, and get tips on how to build your artist career in electronic music.

  • 4 hour on-demand course
  • Lifetime access
  • Learn in Ableton, but applicable to other DAWs
  • Understand Maxinne’s cutting-edge Tech House sound
  • Includes bonus chapter on career development
  1. 1. Finding the Hook & Vocal Production
  2. 2. The Kick
  3. 3. The Bass
  4. 4. Building the Percussion Groove
  5. 5. Pads
  6. 6. Transitional Arrangement
  7. 7. Finishing the Arrangement
  8. 8. FX
  9. 9. Preparation for Mastering
  10. 10. BONUS Chapter: Career Development and A&R
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