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Percussive Tech House Template

Introducing a brand new way of learning.

Our all-new Ableton Live Template grants you a unique look under the hood of a Percussive Tech House production.


Introducing a brand new way of learning.

Dive into the heart of Percussive Tech House with our latest Ableton Live Template, meticulously crafted by our in-house engineers. Unveil the secrets behind the pulsating rhythms and infectious grooves that define this genre.

Crafted using royalty free samples from packs such as Percussive Tech House Vol. 1 and 2, The Sound Of Toolroom Trax and House Vocals Vol. 1, this template offers an exclusive peek into the production techniques of industry veterans. From thunderous beats and intricate percussion loops to a powerful low-end and unique vocal treatment, every element is designed to inspire and educate.

This template invites you to unleash your creativity without limitations. Remix, rearrange, and reimagine to your heart's content, using this template as a boundless canvas for your musical ideas.

Whether you're a seasoned producer seeking fresh insights or a newcomer eager to learn, this template serves as both a sketchpad and a great guideline to Percussive Tech House production. Discover and learn at your own pace, peel back the layers, dissect the arrangements, and discover the building blocks of a bombastic, high-octane house production.

Unlock the potential of Ableton Live's stock plugins and effects as you explore advanced techniques for achieving loudness, crafting dynamic transitions, and sculpting immersive atmospheres. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your productions and dive deeper into the world of percussive driven house music.

*Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 11.