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House Vocals Vol. 3
Deep House
Introducing House Vocals Vol. 3, the latest instalment of the acclaimed series from Toolroom. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, 'House Vocals Vol. 3' is as a must-have arsenal for producers seeking to infuse their tracks with the energy and soul that only expertly crafted vocal samples can deliver. Continuing the tradition, this collection boasts a diverse array of meticulously curated vocal loops, phrases, hooks, and one-shots, each designed to inject dynamism and character into your music. From sultry melodies to powerful chants, this pack offers a versatile selection of professionally recorded and processed vocals, primed to inspire creativity across a spectrum of House music sub-genres. Whether you're in need of an infectious hook or nuanced vocal texture, the possibilities are limitless with ‘House Vocals Vol. 3’. These vocal samples are ready to take center stage in your next project, elevating your production to a new level. With its unparalleled sound quality and authentic delivery, this pack stands as an essential resource for producers, remixers, and DJs alike.
Toolroom - House Vocals Vol.3 - Demo
Key features
  • 29 x Dry Phrases
  • 29 x Wet Phrases
  • 23 x Dry Hooks
  • 23 x Wet Hooks
  • 25 x Vocal Chop Loops
  • 41 x Dry One Shots
  • 41 x Wet One Shots