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Minimal Deep Tech Vol. 3
Introducing the third instalment of our Minimal Deep Tech series, Volume 3 delivers a fresh array of high-end samples for producers immersed in the Minimal Deep Tech subgenre. Building on the success of its predecessors, Minimal Deep Tech Vol. 3 is another invaluable resource for those seeking tight, staccato-like drums and a heightened focus on ethereal textures. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of acclaimed artists like Max Chapman, PAWSA, Jamie Jones, Michael Bibi, and DJOKO, this volume maintains the genre's distinctive aesthetic — characterized by snappy, swinging beats, glitchy textures, and irresistibly groovy basslines. Within this collection, you’ll discover a wealth of creative building blocks, ready to be dragged and dropped into existing projects or function as a backbone to your next minimal banger. A meticulously curated selection of bass, synth, EFX, and drum one-shots provides unparalleled flexibility, empowering you to craft unique melodies and drum loops effortlessly. Minimal Deep Tech Vol. 3 offers a treasure trove of sonic possibilities, allowing you to sketch out a solid foundation within minutes.
Toolroom - Minimal Deep Tech Vol. 3 - Demo
Key features
  • 35 x Drum Loops
  • 27 x Clap Loops
  • 35 x Hat Loops
  • 35 x Kick Loops
  • 35 x Perc Loops
  • 7 x Snare Loops
  • 35 x No Kick Loops
  • 35 x Synth Loops
  • 35 x Bass Loops
  • 30 x Kick One Shots
  • 24 x Clap One Shots
  • 33 x Hat One Shots
  • 19 x Perc One Shots
  • 11 x Snare One Shots