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Toolroom Trax Logic Template

Introducing a brand new way of learning.

Our all-new Logic Template grants you a unique look under the hood of a Toolroom Trax production.


This Logic Template gives you the unique opportunity to study in a more hands-on, visual manner. Get under the hood of a Toolroom Trax production and learn from the very best in the industry.

Explore techniques used to achieve overall loudness, see how automation is used to build high-energy moments, and a look at a typical Toolroom mastering chain. You can visualise how we use simple effects like reverbs, filters and delays to build huge crescendos, and incorporate these techniques into your own tracks.

This project features sounds from our latest sample library; ‘The Sound Of Toolroom Trax Vol. 2 ‘ and utilises only stock effects, with the exception of Serum. However, if you don't own Serum, don’t worry, we've included their audio counterparts in the template too.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, this Logic template is a great way to learn more about the mechanics of House production, allowing you to use, explore and reference throughout your own creations.

*Requires Logic Pro X