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Foundation Programme

Many people are led to believe that there’s some secret technique, or expensive plug-in, that is going to make them successful at producing tracks.

This is the biggest lie in music production.

What you actually need – and what many producers are missing – is a foundational skill set. Just by fully understanding the applications and potential of Ableton, by truly understanding correct sound choice, and even just by using volume properly – you’re much more likely to get you signed than you are by obsessing over plug-ins and advanced Youtube tutorials.

Whether a day-one complete beginner, or further on in your journey, the Foundation Series will give you the building blocks you need to be successful.


Toolroom Academy Foundation Programme: Course 1

Are you completely new to music production? Or have you opened Ableton and got stuck along the way? This course will tell you how to get over that hurdle.

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Toolroom Academy Foundation Programme: Course 2

So you’ve mastered the basics of Ableton – but maybe you’re not finishing tracks, or you don’t understand why yours don’t quite sound right. Let’s get that fixed.

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Toolroom Academy Foundation Programme: Course 3

You’re finishing tracks, but either you know they are missing something, or they are getting turned down by A&Rs. Let’s get some more advanced creative techniques going!

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