Production Courses

The Toolroom Academy is the leading educational platform in House, Tech House and Techno.

Our courses are developed by the music team at Toolroom Records who are responsible for signing the the freshest, most credible tracks in the scene. We pride ourselves on delivering the most relevant music education currently available.

We are passionate about sharing the knowledge we have gained over the years with the producers of tomorrow. That’s why we run a range of online courses aimed at teaching new artists how to make the music we love.


Foundation Programme (Online)

Completely new to production? Or have you got started on Ableton and got stuck along the way? This two part programme will build your creative foundations the right way. Save yourself hours on Youtube and learn with us.

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Production Certificate (Online)

Our flagship production course devised by the senior music team at Toolroom Records. This innovative 3-month programme takes you step-by-step through the essentials of building a credible and relevant track to a professional standard.

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Creativity: Unlocked (Online)

Forget your traditional Sound Design or Music Composition courses. This 16 week programme will teach you advanced creative techniques to make your tracks stand apart from the crowd and appeal to label A&Rs.

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Club Ready (Online)

Get that industry-standard sound with our 12 week mixing and mastering course. No fake language. No over-complication. Just practical and real-world knowledge.

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Production Masterclass (Online)

A totally unique learning experience in electronic music education. The Toolroom Academy Masterclass is a bespoke, 1-1 mentoring programme aimed at those who are truly serious about their music career. Study in either London or online.

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Expansion Packs (Online)

These quickfire tutorials will equip you with advanced skills to get creative with samples. Get the production video AND a sample pack for one reasonable price.

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A-Trak LIVE Masterclass

Join us for a one-off LIVE production webinar with the legendary A-Trak on 1st July!

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